Virtually All Sorts of blogs in the weekly round-up 11 ~ well okay then, just one…

Virtually All Sorts of blogs in the Weekly round-up 11

Okay so this week I’m mentioning just one blog, not a few blogs, like I usually do.  This is because I’ve been busy getting my new blog linky ready.  It’s called ‘Footnotes and Anecdotes’ and it starts tomorrow.  You can read more about it here.  It’s going to be lots of fun and it would be really great to see you!

So this week I stumbled upon a great read from Blogdramedy.  It suggests that it’s only polite to reply to your blog comments, comparing the whole topic to a baby shower on Sex and the City!

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Psst… There’s a new linky starting up on my blog tomorrow called ‘Footnotes and Anecdotes’.  Read all about it here.  It would be really good to see you!

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