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Welcome back to my pick of the best blogs.  I must confess that I’ve been so busy writing for my current project and reading 2 books, that this week has been a little thin on the blog-reading front.  I’ve also been making a point of working more ‘zing’ into my day and making a note of my happy moments (though not on my smart phone!..)  My observations of ‘Mum on the go’ and looking back at making an alternative family tree finished my week off nicely. That said, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve read blog-wise and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did:


First up, Jocelyn at The Reading Residence fought the corner for paper as opposed to Kindles whilst I sat firmly on the fence…  Well, given that I’ve published 3 ebooks, I think I’m allowed to be a ‘fencer’ 😉   And given that it’s my blog, I think I’m allowed to shamelessly plug my ebooks too 🙂


Now onto my linky #WonderfulWorldofWriting:

Renee at Mummy Tries discussed why she writes.  And I comment at length about the age of enlightenment and the power of knowledge that can be gained through reading books (both the paper and electronic versions…!)


And 38to39 wrote a lovely piece called ‘The Memory Room’ which I could relate to from my childhood…  Do have a read of both of these.  Fancy joining in?  Hop back on Wednesday when the linky will be open again 🙂

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