Will people never learn??!

While I was waiting for our little bear to come out of pre-school, someone I recognized from our street was behind me in the queue.  After a quick ‘hello’, we left and made our way to childminder’s before I headed off to work. 

On the way, a marked police car pulled into a pub car park and was clearly ‘sitting up’ in wait for something or someone. 

A couple of minutes later, I saw the ‘neighbour’ being pulled over by the said police car.  Sure enough, the ‘neighbour’ got out and opened the back door.  A quick glance told me that there was a child sitting the middle of the section of the back seats.  No car seat in sight.  May be a booster but that wouldn’t be enough to stop the child going through the windscreen in the event of an accident…

Will people never learn??!

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