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As a Work Out of the Home Mum (WOHM) as opposed to a Work at Home Mum (WAHM), I am always aware that there may be will be occasions that I can’t attend events and workshops at our little bear’s school.

While sorting through the various items in her book bag among the colouring-in cut-outs, her Reading Record, her Communication Book, I glanced the school logo on a piece of paper and immediately realised it was a letterhead.

I tried to take it in but skim-read about a Phonics workshop.  My immediate thought was “can I take time out of work?”.  My manager is pretty flexible and I made a mental note to ask the next day.

…then I realised it was a day I finish early for the school run

…then I realised it was a day I could just ‘go’

…then I realised there was no need to check with anyone

Anything in my diary could be and would be moved!

…then I was relieved and ecstatically happy


We have phonics posters up at home and I love, love, love working through phonics with our little bear.  Hubby and I both do.  But to get some guidance and ensure we are ‘teaching’ her the correct way?  Well, you can’t put a price on that!

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    • It’s so nice to be able to get involved isn’t it? There’s a maths one coming up soon too, I’m led to believe. I’ve already requested it be same day and time 😉 Blog post to follow at some point, no doubt!

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