Wow, there’s one I haven’t seen!

As the familiar opening bars start, the piano tinkles, the unmistakeable yellow, blue and red spider pads cheekily across the screen…

“Mum, will you watch Woolly and Tig with me please?”

I realise I haven’t seen this one and find myself avidly watching!  Woolly, Tig and her Mummy are in the supermarket.  Tig chooses some pink flowers, which makes me giggle because just the weekend before, I did exactly the same with out little-big bear.  She sat in the trolley (just about … she’s getting way to big for the trolley seat now!) and chose some pink flowers for her and Grandma!  So our bear’s obviously got some competition from Tig for the pinkest girliest girl ever.  And there was me and hubby thinking we had the pinkest girliest girl in the whole wide world!

After Tig wanders off and there’s the panic of finding her and Woolluy, it end too soon and it’s time to get back to reality.

I wonder if there’s any more that I haven’t seen?

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