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Why writing is like a pantomime

Just yesterday I asked ‘what is a deadline?’  I’ve since been deliberatin why writing is like a pantomime, off the back of my blog post.

The curtain goes up, the dramatic music plays, the dust is suspended like a writer’s pen in mid-air, waiting for the action to cut through it…

Then the characters take centre stage:

  • Enter stage left: Writer enters and takes a look around
  • Enter stage right: Writer’s Block struts on the stage to dark, dramatic music
  • The spotlight reveals the Narrator to the back of the stage, telling the audience to boo and hiss when writer’s Block enters
  • Writer asks for the audience’s help. “I can’t find Inspiration!  It’s been taken away by Writer’s Block.  Have you seen Writer’s Block?”
  • Spotlight reveals Writer’s Block in the background
  • Audience: “He’s behind you…!”
  • Writer turns around and Writer’s Block disappears into the background
  • Enter stage right Inspiration
  • Enter stage left Writer’s Block
  • Cue Audience “boooooo, hisssss”
  • Exit stage right Inspiration
  • After a few ’rounds’ of “boo hiss”, the Writer finally finds Inspiration and knocks Writer’s Block on the head with a bucket of sawdust or something equally appropriate

The End!


By Carol Cameleon

Written for #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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