“It’s not always about the brains” ~ My Fantastic Friday Fiction Offering…

It's not always about the brain Friday Fiction poem blog

It’s not always about the brains

Take a look at the smooth surface of the cabbage,

Compared to the nobbly brain ‘nodes’ of the cauli;

As the latter graduates from college,

They should, in theory, get more ‘lolly’.


But this isn’t always the case,

Oh no ’tis not so,

For the cabbage may have their wit

And more ‘get up and go’.


It’s not always about the brains

But how you think things through,

We’re all different after all,

There’s one ‘me’, there’s one ‘you’…


Inspired by the quote “Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.” ~ Mark Twain, 1835-1910, American author and humorist

In the back seat of the car ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Back seat poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting blog

In the back seat of the car…


In the back seat of the car

I am lost in my own thoughts;

How I expected you to be,

I am not entirely sure.


After a long and bumpy fall

You’re bound to be out of sorts,

I try not to be down

But upbeat in my thoughts.


You’re still here and that’s what matters,

You’re battered, bruised and broken,

Your recovery depends a lot

On positive words to be spoken…


By Carol Cameleon for #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Prose for Thought

Our problems are like raindrops ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Our problems are like raindrops ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting blog linky

Our problems are like raindrops


Our problems are like raindrops,

Sometimes coming from nowhere,

Soaking through your clothes to your skin,

Sending you into despair…


But think on this a while

As the rain trickles down your nose,

Collecting more and more water,

From your fingers to your toes…


You may feel saturated with

Problems from time to time,

Like you’ll never dry out; why can’t problems

Be hung out on the line?..


Now, write each problem on some paper,

Then hang it up for air,

The problem drips dry, evaporates,

A solution may be there…


Make every day a  ‘washing day’

To cleanse your heart and soul,

The deluge of problems makes a puddles,

Make dispersing it your goal…


By Carol Cameleon for #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Prose for Thought

“The Wrong Trousers” ~ My First Fantastic Friday Fiction Offering…

Friday Fiction The Wrong Trousers blog

The wrong trousers

There was a young man with a thought so appealin’

Who wanted to fight for truth and for freedom,

His trousers best, better than all the rest,

But he went starkers decidin’ he didn’t need ’em…

‘inspired’ by the quote “You should never have your best trousers on when you go out and fight for freedom and truth.” – Henrik Ibsen, 1828-1906, Norwegian playwright

Next week I will fair better, I absolutely promise…

To and Fro ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

#wonderfulworldofwriting to and fro a poem blog

My #WonderfulWorldofWriting blog linky

To and Fro


Swish swash, swish swash,

To and fro they go,

Backwards, forwards,

To and fro they go…


Smearing, clearing,

To and fro they go,

Squeaking, scratching,

To and fro they go…


Faster, slower,

To and fro they go,

This way, that way,

To and fro they go…


Left, right, left, right,

To and fro they go,

From blurry to clarity,

To and fro they go…


I compare my mind to a rainy day,

Then breathe steadily,

Wipe clean my mind,

Now I can see they way…


By Carol Cameleon for #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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I should like to be a bird ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

bird poem www My #wonderfulworldofwriting blog linky

My #WonderfulWorldofWriting blog linky

I should like to be a bird – poem


I should like to be a bird,

Flying high up in the sky,

Soaring here, dipping there,

Watching the world go by…


The freedom of flight,

From a pair of wings,

I could go where I liked

And see lots of things…


Would I have a ‘flock’

Or be an independent bird?

I’m not sure how it works,

It all sounds quite absurd!…


Perhaps for just one day then

I’d like to be a bird,

Maybe a little Jenny Wren

Then I’ll come back down to earth!


By Carol Cameleon for #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Without books, where would we be?


books blog poem

Simply ‘books’

Books come in all shapes and sizes,

Different genres and many guises;

In paperback they can be found,

And in hardback, perfectly bound.


Or how about the ebook era

In black and white on a ‘reader’?

Some don’t like them, some folk do;

I’m quite partial and have written a few…


However you prefer to read,

Books spread knowledge, help us succeed;

Help us relax, de-stress the mind,

Help us escape and unwind.


Reading is the perfect pastime,

From true romance to a gritty crime;

Without books where would we be?

Let’s grab a book and cup of tea!

By Carol Cameleon



Prose for Thought

How to write flash fiction ~ #WonderfulWorldofWriting

How to write flash fiction blog #WonderfulWorldofWriting


One of my favourite blog posts to read as a blogger is flash fiction.  I just love the bite-sized stories and reading the different interpretations of the same photo.

And one of my favourite blog posts to write as a blogger is flash fiction!  I just love seeing a photo and going with the flow.

Sometimes an idea comes immediately.  Sometimes it doesn’t come at all.  It’s not writer’s block (in my ‘book’ anyway), it’s simply meant to be for me.

If it’s too forced, I don’t enjoy it and therefore I don’t get the buzz.  And my readers quite possibly won’t enjoy it either.  I see it as wasted time and energy.

So here’s how I write flash fiction – feel free to give it a whirl yourself!  I see the photo, I get the idea, I’m cookin’ on gas!

I tend to work backwards and start at the end.  Then decide how I get there, which gives me the middle.  Then I find myself at the beginning!

If my notes are quite comprehensive, I find the story is often nearly written.  It’s just a case of expanding a little to make it flow and being clever with punctuation (and sentence structure).

But if my notes resemble a skinny skeleton, I expand by setting more of a scene, more description, more emotion.

What I do find with both basic and comprehensive notes is this:

If the idea comes quickly, I enjoy writing by both methods.

And here are some I wrote earlier!…

He had started off with good intentions

and then

Never let it be said that a stone heart holds no emotion


The blood was like…

and then

No one knew when it going to happen

not forgetting

A man took a stroll through a deep, dark wood


Are you a flash writer?  How do you approach your story?  

If you’re not into flash, what’s your favourite genre to write?

Let me know in the comments below.


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