An injection of colour ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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I don’t do much colour, it’s fair to say,

Tend to be ‘black’ from day to day,

But these words from a friend, a virtual soul,

Have nudged me to colour, a real-life goal!


A revamp is needed, a taste of the new,

Mustn’t mind what the world thinks, it’s not about ‘you’,

Cos of course, if I’m happy, it’ll show in me,

In my smile, in my mood, in my ‘tone’ you see.


The tone of my voice, the shade of my smile,

I don’t tend to wear lippy, it’s been quite a while…

In the tone of my mood, the tone of my thoughts,

The colour you wear can affect all sorts.


So let’s get to it, let’s re-align myself,

Colour therapy’s great for good mental health,

A splash here and there, perhaps make-up too,

Yes it’s time for a change but for me, not for you…


By Carol Cameleon 2015 ~ inspired by a fellow blogger, Vicky Welton in her poem about colour. 

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Prose for Thought

How to make a potion


There’s a  potion to be made in the garden today

With weeds and with sand, she’s stirring away!

Like a hotpot, it gets left for days to stew

So I’d pretend to taste it, if I were you…


The cats look on with concern on their faces,

She finds ingredients in the strangest of places…

There’s glitter, there’s grass, old stickers and more,

But what’s there the most of? There’s gloop galore!


This potion is special, this potion’s the best

This potion is better than all the rest,

You can search high and low but you’ll never find

A potion that’s better, it’s one of a kind!

By Carol Cameleon 2015

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Just her and her book ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Our little princess is absorbed in her world,

It sends tingles right through me as the pages are turned,

I’m so careful to capture this moment in time,

As I take a pic of this sweet child of mine.


Don’t want to disturb her or get in her face,

While she’s taken off to another worldly place,

Where the magical fairies they save the day,

With a sprinkle of dust, you blink, they’re away!


This moment is priceless, just her and her book,

And her little chair, her reading nook,

As she slowly reads, sounds the words on the page,

It could’ve been me when I was her age!


By Carol Cameleon 2015

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Prose for Thought

Yoga ~ How to Right The Writing With Morning Yoga

How To Right The Writing With Morning Yoga For Your Wellbeing Balance And Zen

Yoga ~ How to right the writing with morning yoga

Yoga is a great way to give you more focus.  I know this because I’ve recently worked some morning yoga into my daily routine and as a result I’ve been righting the writing because I’ve got more focus.

How To Right The Writing With Morning Yoga For Your Wellbeing Balance And Zen

By setting my alarm ‘just’ half an hour earlier (just?!?), I am finding that I’ve got the time to do 10 minutes yoga.

The benefits of this morning yoga are many

I feel more alert, more energised and more ‘with it’ of a morning and therefore the rest of the day.

I’ve got more time in the evening to do things like writing, blogging and housey/family stuff too because I’ve already done my zen-thing for the day!

As a result, I can truly focus on some writing without quite so much clock-watching.

I’ve got Vicky at HonestMum to thank for getting me back into yoga after her inspiring post.

And I’ve been pinning different routines to give me some yogi variety too 🙂

As for my writing… well, it seems to give me more focus which brings with it more productivity and more ideas!  That’s a win-win for me finding my inner peace.


Do you do anything to energise yourself everyday?  Do you find it helps with your writing practice?


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The Twinkle Diaries

Friendship is free…

friendship happy chat together blog

These little creatures are all in a row,

There’s a new place in town where they all want to go!

It’s our little girl’s cafe, it’s groovy, it’s cool,

Where anything goes, and there’s only one rule…


To laugh and have fun and sample the cake,

A place to bring family and new friends to make,

These creatures are different, not like you and me,

They still fit in though cos friendship is free!


By Carol Cameleon 2015

Just a little note – the link to Our Little Bear’s Cafe will take you to my ‘old’ parenting MummyBearsBlog  which has since merged with this VirtuallyAllSorts blog.  🙂

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Down on the farm ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Down on the farm …

What is this in my Pop’s hand?

It’s a little black seed that he plants in the land.

“How does it grow?” I ask my Pop,

He tells me how he looks after his crops.


I wonder aloud, “Do you plant with a spade?”

He tells me how his crops are made:

In bygone years tools were pulled by a horse,

Now we have tractors to take the force.


Our little bear at five years old

Is taking it in, and learning tenfold,

Like the sun and rain helps the crops to grow,

She’s growing from Pop telling all that he knows.


Down on the farm, you can see that she thrives,

What a special time to have when you’re five.

She explores with her cousins, and a grown-up too,

With the farm at her feet, there’s so much to do.


Today she’s dressed up, she’s been a Princess all day!

But usual attire is for outdoor play.

Good job we remembered her Frozen wellies,

For trudging through soil and farmyard smellies!


No matter, it washes, who cares about dirt?

With soil in her nails, mud on her skirt,

She’s having a ball, she’s free, she’s alive!

Memories to last for the rest of her life… 🙂


By Carol Cameleon 2015

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A Poem Fit For a Princess… but which one?

a day fit for a princess charlotte elizabeth diana london sightseeing buckingham palace royal baby  blog poem

The first stop’s the Palace with its regal gates,

No sign of the baby as the world awaits,

The Victoria Memorial, the flag at full mast,

Billions have trodden here, present and past.


To St James’ Park next, to have an ice lolly,

The sun it out, no need for a brolly!

We walk the short walk to Parliament Square,

Just up the road, what will we see there?


With the majestic clock-face, the flag poles galore,

Big Ben rises from the sky to the floor…

Big Ben chimes, the resonance pure and clear,

The perfect time to find ourselves here!


Time for a pit-stop, a nice cup of tea,

A browse on the phone, yippee for 3G!

Congrats are in order for Wills and for Kate,

A new Princess has been born, super, smashing, great!


Our own princess is excited at the wonderful news,

The paparazzi are too and the TV crews,

It’s a day fit for a Princess in more ways than one,

We’ve made memories a-plenty, a day filled with fun 🙂

By Carol Cameleon



Prose for Thought

Stay at-tuned for the next stage of my reiki journey

reiki universal life force wellbeing spiritual journey balance harmony attunement energy
As I write this, I am very excited, eager and grateful.  Because I’m about to embark on the next stage of my reiki journey.  Over the next couple of days I am going to be attuned to reiki 2.  I feel ready.  Very ready and I’m intrigued as to how this is going to enhance my experience of reiki and of those family and friends that I treat.  Being on a continual spiritual journey and being an intuitive and spiritual person, I enjoy meditating with and without crystals and I enjoy receiving reiki treatments.  Both give me balance and harmony.
Reiki is ‘universal life force’ that channels from the giver through to the receiver – the benefits of which I have experienced first-hand, if you’ll excuse the intentional pun!
Have you had any experience of reiki?  
How do you maintain harmony and balance in your life?


Letter to the NHS ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Letter to NHS National Health Service thanks gratitude poem WonderfulWorldofWriting blog writing linky party - Copy

‘Letter to the NHS’

Some people slate you and that’s their view

But me, I’ve got nothing but praise for you.

Your compassion, your patience, your hard graft with no breaks,

You feel pressure from everywhere, a special person that takes.


The National Health Service is made up of lots of them,

The passionate people making up the stem.

They’re what keeps the flower from falling down,

From going limp and wilting with a smile, not a frown.


The NHS has helped my family so very much,

They saved my life with a golden touch,

Our little girl’s too.  We wouldn’t be here

Without the care they give year on year.


Nurses, doctors, all the other staff too,

A big pat on the back for all that you do.

I’m the first to defend you when someone has a ‘go’,

This poem’s for you – thought you’d like to know.


By Carol Cameleon 2015

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When you set yourself a challenge …

What am I writing?  A little poem this week…

A Challenge

When you set yourself a challenge,

What goes through your mind?

If you take a look inside mine,

There’s lots that you will find.


Can I really push myself

With all there is to do?

How on earth will I do it?

Truth is, I have no clue!


But I can’t resist a challenge,

The carrot dangles to and fro.

Temptation draws me in,

Am I ready? Get set… go!


But wait, no I’m not ready,

Doubts are lurking, “Go away!”

I push them firmly to one side

And that’s where they will stay!


By Carol Cameleon, 2015


With April behind me, I’m very pleased with myself.  Why?  Because I blogged every day for the #AtoZChallenge.

I did it last year too and I found that the whole experience seemed much more ‘slick’ this time around.

Posts were scheduled, blogs were read, commented on and shared.  And that was all during the 2 week Easter break with our daughter.  I made myself a pact that I would not do anything blog-related (or indeed social media-related) while she was awake.  Apart from a few photos which I would have taken anyway.  I kept to my little pact.

You should see the state of our house though… 😉

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