What’s your blog made of? ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

WonderfulWorldofWriting blog writing linky poem whats your blog made of blogging


What’s your blog made of?


Is it about sugar and spice and all things nice,

Or a confessional of a particular vice?

Is it lifestyle, parenting, writing and more,

Or reviews and comps and giveaways galore?


Have you so much to say that you post every day,

Or are you less frequent to come out to play?

Do you follow your stats with an eagle eye,

Or go with the flow with no ‘wherefore’ or ‘why’?


And how about linkys, do you take part in one,

Or even run one for double the fun?

And blogging support – it’s second to none,

It’s addictive, it’s social, it’s oh-so-much fun!


With humour and truth and bare-your-soul posts,

A dose of self-help, ‘how to’s’, ‘meet your host’,

The techy bit’s done, SEO and short lnks,

We’re ready to schedule or hit publish, me thinks…


But wait – one final edit, one final ‘tweak’,

The ingredients are mixed now, you need a good heat,

In an aga or retro eye-level grill,

The method won’t matter, it’ll still fit the bill!


‘Cos whatever makes our blogs, whether newbie or star,

We write from the heart we are what we are,

And that’s what matters, don’t aim to be ‘pro’,

Just blog what you want to and go with the flow!


By Carol Cameleon 2015


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A Letter from Buckingham Palace … yes really!

Once upon a time a little girl (our little girl!) received a letter from Buckingham Palace.  And here’s why…

A letter from Buckingham Palace monarchy The Queen royalty royal family royal baby birthday school parenting envelope 1 edit final

Once upon a time there was a little girl in her first year at school.  She loved going to school and learning about all sorts of things…

One day, in her school book bag, her mummy came across a picture of London which the little girl had coloured in.  Her class had been asked to colour in pictures of The Queen and London because they were learning about the monarchy and the Queen’s birthday.

When her mummy said what a beautiful picture it was and how neatly she had coloured it in, the little girl told her mummy that she would like to send it to The Queen for her birthday.

And so, together with her mummy and daddy, the little girl wrote a short note to The Queen to say “Happy Birthday Ma’am!”

Soon after the little girl had posted the birthday card to Her Majesty, she visited London with her mummy and daddy and it happened to be the same day that the new Royal baby, Princess Charlotte was born!

While in London, the little girl visited Buckingham Palace (barely an hour before the announcement of the royal birth was officially made on the easel!).  She also visited Big Ben, Horse Guard’s Parade, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.

The little girl sent a postcard to her teacher telling her that she had visited London.  The postcard had a photo of The Queen on the front.

A few weeks passed and life carried on as normal.  Then, one day the little girl received some rather special post through her letterbox.  The envelope was postmarked ‘Buckingham Palace’ with the Royal Crest.  The little girl opened the letter and the opening line read:

Dear ‘Little Girl’,
The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your message which you sent on the occasion of Her Majesty’s eighty-ninth birthday.
The remaining contents advised that The Queen had been interested to learn that her class had been learning about the Royal Family, and some lovely, glossy, informative leaflets about the monarchy were enclosed.  The letter was signed by The Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting.
Needless to say, a copy or two several copies  were taken of the original letter ‘just in case’ and a copy was taken into school the next day.  The original will most definitely be framed to keep it safe while on display 🙂
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Book review : East End Tales by Gilda O’Neill

East End Tales book review Gilda O'Neill literally speaking history bygone days

Today I’d like to share with you a book review.  One of my favourite genres to read falls under the category ‘tales of bygone days’.  It feeds my intrigue of days when life wasn’t as easy as it is for many of us now.  Gilda O’Neill’s ‘East End Tales’ satisfied my curiosity.  The front cover alone drew me in: two young girls spinning around a lamp post, on a rope, skirts tucked into their knickers.  The look of sheer glee on their faces, the blissful ignorance of any health and safety or any grown-up decency.  Not an i-anything in sight!  No phone glued to their hands…

Just throwing caution to the wind and living in the ‘now’ (or then!) and enjoying the moment.

Despite the over-riding theme of hardship, poverty and squaller running through the ‘tale’, O’Neill manages to paint a wistful picture of East End London life.

These days it’s difficult to really fathom how financially restrained the majority of East Enders were.  Even more difficult to imagine the squaller.  To them, weekly baths (at best) were the norm.  They knew no different.  But to us, it’s ‘squaller’.

You can smell the smells, you can taste the grit as O’Neill touches on the main points of life back then.  I really felt that I’d lived a tiny part of her East End life with her.

As the front cover suggests, this is a ‘quick read’ and if you don’t read it quickly, then it’s very readable and perfect for dipping into when you get the chance.


So tell me, do you like reading about the bygone days?

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Family Fever

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Getting down with nature ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

poem getting down with nature digging for worms outdoors outside explore parenting garden mud wonderful world of writing blog linky


Getting down with nature


The soil under my fingers

Is a sign of fun;

I dug around in the mud

And unearthed a worm!


He’s a friendly little fella,

With his long body he wriggles around;

Not sure what he thinks to this tub though,

No soft furnishings to be found!


But does he think? Is he a she?

If we know, I’m not sure how!

With soil and mulch to feast on,

These are his home comforts for now.


Back to the earth little wormy,

It’s been good to explore your home;

You’re not like my dolls or My Little Ponies,

No clothes to change, no hair to comb!


I like to explore in the garden,

Get grubby and dig around;

Yes there’s lots to do outside,

And grubby things to be found!


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The Imagination Station ~ #WonderfulWorldofWriting

WonderfulWorldofWriting blog writing linky nursery rhymes books by a little bear aged 5 primary school learning education literacy


This week, the last in our little bear’s Reception year at ‘big’ school, I’m not penning a poem (like I did last week).  Instead, I’m handing the spotlight over to our little bear (aged 5) and her imagination station!

Hubby and I are passionate about reading to our little bear.  She has a desk that will grow with her as she goes through the various stages of development in literacy at school.  When I was blogging as Mummy Bear, I wrote this poem about changing her cot into a desk.  And she uses this desk daily.  At this stage of her life, she uses it for colouring, writing, sticking, crafting ~ being creative.  As she goes through school, I’m sure it will be used for more ‘focussed’ activities…

As the end of Reception approached, we began to sit at it (me/hubby teetering on the edge of a little chair!) while doing her homework.  This meant that it needed a good tidy up but it has also put her in the homework mindset.

Her desk gives her ready access to all things creative, ready access to all things that fuel a 5 year old’s imagination and this is what she came up with.

nursery rhymes book writing literacy inspired creative humpty dumpty wonderfulworldofwriting 1 edit collage

As I was pottering around, she asked me how to spell the odd word.  But really, the majority of this is her own work.  And that’s what makes me oh-so-very-proud 🙂


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Goodbye Reception, Year 1 here I come! ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

WonderfulWorldofWriting blog writing linky poem prose goodbye reception year 1 one primary school learning education

Goodbye Reception, Year 1 here I come!

Just like the hungry caterpillar,

You’ve fed me, you’ve taught me, you’ve watched me grow bigger…


Now I’m ready to come out of my cocoon,

It’s time to spread my wings, time to bloom…


I’ve grown into a beautiful butterfly,

I’m off to year 1 now, time for ‘goodbye’!…


An ode to Our Little Bear’s teacher, teaching assistants and all the amazing staff who were involved in her vital first year at ‘big’ school.  I do not know where the last academic year has gone…  good job I didn’t blink 😉 

By Carol Cameleon 2015


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Giveaway: Reiki distance healing session ~ #TheZenZing

#TheZenZing relax realign reiki energy healing flow calm chi balance harmony light giveaway final edit

Yesterday I spoke about how I am now reiki level 2 attuned, about how I treat family and friends and also myself.

Now it’s time to offer one of my lovely readers (it could be you!) a 30 minute reiki distance healing session.  Just enter by using the rafflecopter (below).  The giveaway is open to Worldwide entrants and ends at 12am on 9th July 2015. Good luck to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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