Review ~ Music for Yoga CD from Group Fitness Music

Music For Yoga CD From Group Fitness Music With Niki Wibrow Helps You Zone In To Your Zen Review

 Review ~ Yoga Music CD from Group Fitness Music

I was recently sent a yoga CD from Group Fitness Music which was produced with teachers in mind, as well as individual users.  The music is fully licensed so you can use it anywhere and although I received a CD, it’s available for download on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.


Music For Yoga CD From Group Fitness Music With Niki Wibrow Helps You Zone In To Your Zen Review


Different uses

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Review ~ Reed Diffuser by Pairfum London

Review ~ Reed Diffuser By Pairfum London Non-voc

 Review ~ Reed Diffuser by Pairfum London

I’d seen reed diffusers dotted around the shops, online and even at people’s houses but never really knew what they did.  They look sufficiently contemporary, almost ornamental but I wondered just what they did other than look good.  Pairfum London kindly sent me a large bell diffuser with reeds and ‘Innocent Vanilla’ scent.


Review ~ Reed Diffuser By Pairfum London Non-voc


Vanilla rocks!  It’s my favourite scent.  I love the sweet smell and the neutral colour that it’s associated with, which just looks clean.  On opening the bell dome, a gorgeous rush of vanilla scent greeted my nostrils.  And on reading the instructions (who knew diffusers come with instructions?), it says to put more reeds in to increase the intensity of the scent.


Well it’s a good job I did read them, because our cosy little home would probably have been over-powered with more than the 2 that we used.   It was just the right amount for our home because you get a gentle waft when you walk past, you get a lovely scent that’s not overwhelming when you come in from outside and more importantly, it doesn’t smell ‘chemically’ or synthetic.  It just smells ‘pure’.

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What Professions are Available in the Health Science Industry?

What Professions Are Available In The Health Science Industry?
What Professions are Available in the Health Science Industry?
The last decade has seen stunning growth in medical technology that has resulted in improved equipment, more facilities and an increase in the treatability of medical issues.This has had a huge overall impact on the medical industry, and with the plethora of doors that technology has opened in the industry we have also seen a growth in the number and options of health science jobs available.  So, what exactly can you do if you are looking to get into the health science sector? The options available in the industry are pretty vast, and while degrees will equip you to study in many different sectors, it’s important to decide where you want to work in order to find out what the best path will be for you.Before starting a health science degree, you should decide whether you want to work in:

  • Hospitals
  • Mental health care facilities
  • Rehab
  • Laboratories
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Clinics
  • Long-term care
  • Government offices

There are a number of different roles that can be performed at any of these institutions. Your role will be decided by your strengths and talents, and obviously where you would prefer to be placed.

The most common health science roles include clinician roles, administrative roles, and public sector roles.

Clinician roles

Clinician roles are for those who like a more hands-on, people’s person approach. They usually work in a healing or rehabilitation capacity. These clinician roles generally include (but are not limited to):

  • Physical therapists
  • Medical assistants
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physicians
  • Research scientist
  • Dental hygienist/technician
  • Before you decide that you want to take on a clinician role within the health science field, remember that you have to be good with people. You are also likely to come into contact with disease, injuries, bodily fluids and other aspects that simply come with the territory – you need to be able to handle this.

Administrative roles

Not everyone enjoys a hands-on approach, and may simply not have the same characteristics that make them enjoy working closely with people as much as others. This is where administrative roles come into the health science industry. They are the engine of the healthcare industry and make sure that facilities run smoothly. The roles in administrative capacities include:

  • Finance
  • IT department
  • Accounting
  • Marketing and public relations

Public sector roles

Some health science professionals prefer to work in a public sector capacity that deals with the healthcare in a more broad and overall spectrum, rather than at a molecular level. These are the roles often found in the public sector of health science:

As you can see there is a huge variety of professions that you can go into if you decide to study a health science degree. While we have seen a huge increase in the number of jobs created through advancing technology over the last decade – there is bound to be more still to come due to the ever-evolving nature of the industry.

The healthcare industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, and if you have what it takes to make the grade when it comes to tertiary education, then you are heading towards a career that will set you up for the rest of your life.


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Safety in the home – a clear alternative to glass


Safety first

 When our daughter started moving under her own steam, we did what any parent with common sense would, and as all the professionals advised us to do – we began to baby-proof our home.  Apart from all the usual hazard prevention tricks like using electric socket covers, stair gates and temptingly dangling table cloths, we decided to change our coffee table.

Making changes

We loved the table but it had a glass cover.  And it was a ‘standard’ height coffee table – the perfect height for a cruising baby/toddler to grab hold of and slam toys onto.

Of course, the glass was toughened but we just couldn’t rest easy and we wanted to let our daughter explore as freely and easily as possible.  So out the table went. Continue reading

Poetry for #WonderfulWorldofWriting ~ When Their Eyes Sparkle Wide

Poetry A Poem About Pet Loss Wonderful World Of Writing Blog Linky


or #www for short because we can share a wonderful world of writing on the world wide web! 🙂

 Their Eyes Sparkle Wide Poem Wonderful World Of Writing Blog Linky

When Their Eyes Sparkle Wide


When I looked through her school bag for homework and slips

I found an envelope inside, “To the parents of Miss…”

Absent-mindedly I thought, “It’s likely about SATS.”

As I skim-read, blah blah, wait, “I’m delighted that…”


Wait, what?  Slow down, the letter’s not what I thought,

The pride rushed right through me like a proud mummy’s ought;

I read it again, word by word, slowly this time,

Taking in each syllable, the wonder all mine…


There have been moments a-plenty in my days as a Mum

When my heart’s near burst open, and this moment is one;

Reading on some more, I called our daughter to look,

Slowly, precisely she read, “…poem published in a book!”


Our girl’s wonder, amazement, her eyes sparkling wide,

Her poem to be printed and read far and wide!

She’d penned a poem at school and handed it in,

Of 11,000 entries, the judges’ decision was ‘win’!


And it is a ‘win’ cos it’s amazing and believe it or not,

Her original, own poem is in the final ‘lot’;

She’s been chosen from thousands, she’s our little star

Our creative, wonderful daughter, see her talent go far…


By Carol Cameleon 2017

What’s your happiest memory of opening your child’s bag?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere