5 reasons to get caught up in the lego cards craze ~ #IfShesHappyImHappy

5 Reasons To Get Caught Up In The Lego Cards Craze ~ #IfShesHappyImHappy

 We’ve been well and truly caught up with the lego cards craze!

It all started when one of our daughter’s friends gave her a duplicate.  And that duplicate was a sparkly koala card.  “Aw it’s so cute!” were the words that animatedly came out of our 7 year old’s mouth.  Had she been given a duplicate of the odd-looking and sounding ‘alien villainess’, I’m not sure the craze would have taken off in quite the same way!…

But it did.

And we happen to shop at Sainsburys for our convenience.  So do other family members!

5 Reasons To Get Caught Up In The Lego Cards Craze ~ #IfShesHappyImHappy

Just in case you’ve no idea what I’m talking about (which is quite possible if you’re not UK-based and/or don’t shop at Sainsburys and/or don’t have children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews to educate you on lego cards…) here are 5 reasons to get caught up in the craze:

There are 140 lego cards which come in packs of 4 and you get a pack for every tenner you spend.

They’re called ‘trading’ cards with the idea being that you trade duplicate cards with friends.

The accompanying collector’s book has numbered spaces which you slot the cards into.

The book follows the adventures of Lily and Sam as they travel through the continents which makes it educational and interesting.

It keeps our daughter busy for hours!

5 Reasons To Get Caught Up In The Lego Cards Craze ~ #IfShesHappyImHappy

They’re full of facts

When the grandparents popped round with a stack of packets collected from various family and friends, our girl squealed! After she’d opened the packets, she showed them her favourites and read out a few facts, which they didn’t know (and neither did I!)

Some of the cards are called ‘create’ cards which means that you can, well, create or build the object on the card.  There are instructions online and of course, this is why lego is good for imaginative play.  The only issue here is that we don’t have any ‘standard’ lego, only the ‘chunky’ sort…

If anyone would like to enhance our daughter’s experience of this craze and send us some, we wouldn’t say no because…


  Have you come across this craze yet?  Got any spare lego or lego cards you want to send my way?! 😉  

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  1. I’m trying to avoid the cards because the lego mini figures are costing me a small fortune – the latest craze for the little man. It’s great to see them get so excited about things though isn’t it?!

  2. We have only just got one of these in the house and I have it here next to me to have a look. My cousin gave my daughter the cards and we had no idea what it was at the time. Now we do! It’s quite nice actually as we don’t get to be involved in the football ones. Off I go! #PoCoLo

  3. Yes, I have seen these cards, they look great, I am sure that once my eldest gets wind of them they’ll be a fixture in our house, too! #AllSortsOfBlogs

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