5 reasons to relish a routine

5 Reasons to Relish Routine

5 reasons to relish a routine

Routines.  We all need them and while it’s great to take a break and have a holiday, there’s no doubt that I’m more productive in all different areas of my life with a routine.  Because…


As much as they’re the bane of my life, pack-ups mean that I have to be organised with food shops again.  No more popping by the shop for something that we fancy, something that we hadn’t planned for.  No, with a packed lunch and food plan for the week, the food shopping incorporates all things lunch box.


It’s the same with the dog and exercise.  During holidays, we get up, let her out into the garden to do her business and there she stays (in good weather) while we chill out, kick back and eventually get our bums into gear to get dressed and take her for a walk.  In fact, it’s clear to see that our dog needs routine too because she has no clue what’s coming next.  She becomes unsettled.  While we all get exercise from daily dog walks, it’s not as structured which means that meal-times are also out of synch, blog work is out of synch.  You get the idea.

5 Reasons to Relish Routine

A big area that gets neglected when I’m on holiday is my gratitude journal.  Any other time, I write every night and if I don’t or it gets delayed, something just doesn’t feel right.  No biggie you might think but my journal is important to me for reasons that I outline in this post.  Not writing the simplest things in there that I’m grateful for means that I don’t reflect on them.  Which defeats the object.  Important person things get put on the back-burner when I’m out of routine.


Jobs around the house…  it’s bittersweet this one because while it’s wonderful utter bliss not to be like a well-oiled machine going from the washing to meal prep to homework in the blink of an eye, small jobs get left for ‘later’ or ‘another day’ and clutter starts to gather…


… which is not good for my mental health.  Clutter and jobs gradually pile up (literally up) and creep up on me until they simply can’t be left any longer.  It’s clear to see why routine is better for my mental health.  An organised day with routine = an organised and healthier mind.


In the main I love to get back to routine.  It’s painful at first but my brain feels better for it!


How about you?  Do you relish routine or hanker for holidays?  I’d love to know!  Tell me in the comments or tweet me @AllSortsHere .  Thanks.

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19 comments to “5 reasons to relish a routine”
  1. I think I do better with routine, although I sometimes get a bit bored and it’s good to have a change, lol. I like to wak in the park year round, depending on the weather. My belly dance classes have had a break over the summer but are starting again next week.

    I write a gratitude list and although I don’t do it every night, I try to do it often as I can. Have you’ve had a great summer and ease back into your routine gently! 🙂

  2. mmmm, well I’ve just written a blog post explaining why I wanted the school summer holidays to go on forever. That said, you should see how much clutter is surrounding me as a result of that six week long break! You’re right, it does nothing for the soul. In truth I like routine, but don’t want to be stiffled by it.

  3. I love a routine and feel lost without one. It forces me to get things done and makes me feel a lot more organised. #kcacols

  4. I wish I was better at routines. It’s so weird because everything piles up on me, I blitz it and feel better then I never maintain in a routine. It’s so exhausting. I’m going to try and have a better routine now the kids are back 🙂


  5. It’s definitely good to have some routine in your life just to make sure you don’t skip the important stuff like exercise. I actually schedule in a lunch time walk in my calendar, otherwise I find I can sit at the computer all day without a break as I get so absorbed in what I’m doing. #KCACOLS

  6. I love a good routine Carol, unfortunately I’ve been WELL out of one this week which has made my anxiety spike! So all planned for next week and time management will not be an issue. Do these sound like famous last words? 😀 #KCACOLS

  7. I would like to have a more organised routine than I have at the moment as just now my routine is dictated by a nearly 7 month old who demands milk every 2 hours and doesn’t sleep. When I go back to work in January I will need to have a proper morning routine to get us all organised before leaving the house. I do agree that having an established routine is better for your mind

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