5 ways to declutter your mind by being more organised

5 Ways To Declutter Your Mind By Being Organised For Your Wellbeing

5 ways to declutter your mind by being more organised

You know that feeling when there’s so much to do that you don’t know what to do?  Or at least what to do first.  Your mind is so ‘busy’, whirring away that you can’t think straight.

You’re overwhelmed;  almost paralysed.

Well, it’s time to declutter your mind and get organised.

But where to start?

5 Ways To Declutter Your Mind By Being Organised For Your Wellbeing

Here’s how I do it and it could work for you too.

Dump all that clutter on paper.

It doesn’t even have to make sense!  Just get it down onto paper, in whatever order it comes.  Yep, every single minute ‘to do’.  All out on paper.  Out of your head.  And I’ll bet you’re part way to feeling de-cluttered already.

Feeling any better yet?

Make it work for you.

If you haven’t done so already, you should now break down your clutter into categories that work for you.  At this point you may find it helpful to list them.  But be careful not to have a list for your list!  Because that could lead to overwhelm again…

So what lists can you have?

These are some lists that work for me: shopping, meal plans, priority jobs, blog stuff, daughter’s school stuff..

I quite often use my phone alarm for regular jobs because I find it very hard to ignore an alarm!  Just be mindful of the ‘snooze’ button – a procrastinator’s dream!

Grab your planner.

An essential tool for de-cluttering your mind after you’ve categorised everything is to pop it all in a planner.

Paper or digital, whatever works for you.  If you prefer your phone calendar to a paper diary, utilise that tool to its full potential.

Just a note here – it’s you’re using digital, sync it up in case something happens to your main device.

For me, it’s paper all the way, with a little bit of help from my google calendar for regular tasks.  It helps me to feel in contro, which is what it’s about.

Another consideration for paper planners is that it’s less temptation to check something online before you go to bed or getting distracted in general.  By having a planner that works for you, the ‘brain dump’ has been done and you literally don’t have to remember anything.

That’s the point.

File away.

Having a filing system for household papers that is used effectively is vital to de-cluttering your mind.  Simply make a note in your planner to go through your papers every week, fortnight, month and you’ll know they’re all where they should be.

Be systematic.

Pop it on a pretty noticeboard.  While it’s useful to have stuff filed away, it’s equally helpful to have a neat and tidy noticeboard with memos and appointment cards on.

Get into the habit of doing all of these small but effective tasks and you’ll maintain a de-cluttered mind!


What about you?  How do you organise your mind out of the clutter?  I’d love to know!  Tweet me @AllSortsHere or comment below. 


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