5 ways to be more healthy and stay that way

So, have you got a plan to improve your fitness?

Maybe you’ve joined a gym?

Perhaps you’ve got kitted out for running or swimming?

If you have, great!  Good for you!

Or maybe you’ve got yourself a yoga mat or a meditation app.

A step in the right direction…


All of the above exercises and activities improve our mental health as well as our physical health, of course.  Those wonderful endorphins that are released in exercise… ooh yeah, give me some of those!

And it sounds pretty obvious that a consistent approach is best and that it gives you the best chance of success.  Taking up and continuing with exercise or a beneficial activity is a bit of a mind-game.  Particularly in the early days, getting into your exercise kit is half the battle. We know we’re going to feel great during and after exercise but resisting the sofa, TV and treats can be a huge battle.

As I’ve already touched on, once those addictive endorphins start pumping, it’s like a good habit and you just want to keep going back for more.

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To help you on your way, here are 5 ways you increase your chances of success to be more healthy… and stay that way (be it physical or mental, or both!):

  1. Why wait until new year?  If you’ve decided to take action, do it!  Right now!  Seize the day…
  2. Do the exercise or activity at the same time or times each day/week.  Pretty quickly, you’ll see a habit forming.  A good habit! I’m no psychologist but why would you go back to bad habits when good habits make you feel so gooood?…
  3. Accept that you’re going to come across obstacles.  If the exercise is to lose weight, but you fancy a chocolate bar or piece of cake… have it!  And then get back on the plan straight away.  Likewise, if you fancy skipping a session of yoga or meditation, chill our with friends instead (non-toxic ones!), read a book, light some candles, got for a walk to your favourite cafe or have a de-clutter instead.  And then get back on to the plan straight away.
  4. Tell your friends about your plan.  Providing they’re of a positive, non-toxic nature, they’ll support you and encourage you along the way.
  5. Consider that going cold turkey is often the best way.  Years ago (around 6 year to be precise), I experienced issues which led to a suggestion from the doctor to cut out fizzy drinks and caffeine.  I didn’t ‘do’ fizzy and so cut the caffeine.  My several cups a day went to zero cups, just like that.  I’m not saying it was easy to do.  I had a stonking headaches for days but I pushed through.  And I haven’t done do caffeine in drinks since (please don’t take my chocolate away from me!…)  Going cold turkey was the best action to take.  You might say that I was desperate to stop the issues.  I’m not saying they cleared up completely just because of cutting the caffeine but often, going cold turkey is less painful than weaning yourself off.

There you have it then, 5 ways to be more healthy and stay that way!


Have you got a plan?  What will you be doing?  Have you stuck to a plan?  How did you do it?  Did you follow any of the suggestions above?  I’d love to hear from you!  Please comment (below) or tweet me @AllSortsHere.  And come and say hi on social media ~ 


Thank you 🙂


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  1. Totally agree we need to form habits that last! I’ve started doing a pilates workout for 10 mins every morning, then I’ll do something longer at the weekend when I have more time. Thank you for linking up to #sharethejoy

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