5 ways the Summer makes you more productive

5 ways the Summer makes you More Productive

5 ways the Summer makes you more productive


So it’s the Summer.  School’s out for how many weeks?!  You’ve got all the usual daily stuff to do (except the school run, hurray!)  and children to entertain or at the very least keep alive and stop from getting bored.  It sounds like a mess but here are 5 ways that Summer makes you more productive.  Yes, really!

5 ways the Summer makes you More Productive

Firstly the days are longer which means there’s more light

Sarah from Digital Motherhood says “The sun motivates me! I find it much easier to get up earlier when the mornings are lovely and bright, and if it’s sunny I’m much happier and less lethargic and lazy. Sometimes I think I’m solar powered”

And more light generally makes us more awake and that means more energy

(at least for a little while. Maybe.)

Victoria at Lylia Rose says “Early light mornings mean I’m super productive in the morning, before the kids get up and thanks to the light. I’d definitely struggle getting up at 6am or earlier in the winter, but in the summer it’s not so hard. I find I’m at my most motivated first thing and get a lot more done than in the day time or evening.


Another advantage of more daylight, says Lyndsey from Me him the dog and a baby is “There is more daylight later in the evening so I actually feel like working until later in the day.


Juggling means that I’m much more focussed with my blog and everything really. 

When I sit at my desk, I zone in, get stuff done and then I can zone out again for a little while.

“Being a mummy of 5, a childminder and a blogger I know my time is more limited during the summer holidays.” says Claire from thismummyrocks.  “I seem to plan out my time more efficiently so I get more free time to spend with my family or self care. Plus the days are longer so I can fit in an extra hour here and there.


In between the focussed moments, I spend time outside

Time with our 8yo playing games, reading a book and just zoning out.  I find this brilliant for getting the creative juices flowing and brainstorming.


Jen from Just Average Jen says “I have more of a day to day plan without having to fit in the school run. Mummy friends aren’t as free for coffee so I have more time at home too!”


Jen from MyMummysPennies says she feels more motivated “during the summer holidays I get to spend more time with my children so what I’m working so hard for is really tangible.


And Becky from A Beautiful Space says “Sunshine makes me happy and feels more energised and this is why I am more productive in the summer ( plus I’m not constantly driving kids to activities!)



The long Summer break makes me reflective and I find myself reassessing my goals which, you guessed it!  Makes me more productive!


What makes you more productive in the Summer?  I’d love to know.  Please comment or tweet me @AllSortsHere. Thanks.

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16 comments to “5 ways the Summer makes you more productive”
  1. The sunshine definitely makes me feel more motivated although sometimes I quite like a grey day because then I don’t feel so bad about lazing around in my PJs doing nothing lol #KCACOLS

  2. Summer probably makes me less productive because I want to be outside and enjoying the sunshine! Long sunlight into the evening makes me want to go out more….socially more productive maybe? 😉

  3. Winter has come to North Wales already though 😀 I totally agree with you but there’s something about longer evenings, a chill in the air and generally less sweatiness 😀 #KCACOLS

  4. Gosh it didn’t feel like summer today! Although when we do have good weather I have to say I am SOOOOOOOOO much more productive with doing the laundry. I got about 4 loads done in one day the other weekend! #KCACOLS

  5. Over here on our side of the pond where it is perpetually summer, we get an average of 12 daylight hours all year round. The sun always comes out at about 7:00 AM and it gets dark only after 7:00 PM.


  6. I find it so much easier to get up and get on with things when it’s bright outside, and I always feel that I have more hours in the day with the lighter nights (although that means I end up getting less sleep). Can’t have it all I suppose! #kcacols

  7. What definitely makes me more productive is that I’m also on holiday from work during the summer holidays (I’m a teacher), so I have much more free time every day! I only get 3 weeks though! Thanks for linking up with #kcacols – come back next week!

  8. I’ve struggled to carry on working the summer mainly because I didn’t have the time but I’ve loved every single minute with the kids! It’s flown by! #KCACOLS

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