5 ways to ground yourself and control anxiety

Do you or someone you know experience anxiety?  Then you need 

5 ways to ground yourself and control anxiety…

5 ways full to ground yourself and control anxiety virtually all sorts wellbeing

Look at happy pictures.  My ‘Smile, give your face a work-out’ pinterest board never fails to, well make me smile!  There are quite a few cute cat ones on there but the rest are just random ones that I’m sure will make you laugh from the belly.  You’re welcome 🙂


Surround yourself with positive people.  And if you’re limited to social contact for whatever reason (due to sleeping children at night-time or isolation perhaps due to illness), then you can join in with forums or even pinterest boards.  My ‘Just Wow’ board may literally take your breath away.  When I’m pinning away, I’m saying ‘wow’ and bam, it ends up on my board.  The beauty will at least help you forget your anxiety for a while.


Read positive things ~ blogs, books, and inspirational quotes.


Breathe ‘properly’ ~ meditate, practice yoga, use crystals.


Use a grounding rock ~ Mine is called my ‘gratitude rock’ and it works really well for me.  It’s whichever crystal I have on my person on any given day.  By physically touching it, I’m reminded of why it’s there, which helps to ground me.  I always make sure I’m using the right one for me on any given day.


Have you got any other ways to ground yourself?  All positive thoughts are welcome!  Share them in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere 🙂


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14 comments to “5 ways to ground yourself and control anxiety”
  1. These are really useful! I’m a big Pinterest fan so I’m going to head over and find you now. Also agree about surrounding yourself with postive people – one thing that makes a big difference to my day to day life. #DreamandSparkle

  2. Till 5 years back, I used to have panic attacks. My Indian friend asked me to join a meditation class. It really helped me a lot in controlling my anxiety to a large extent.

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