5 Ways to Share the Happiness of Books with your Child ~ #IfShesHappyImHappy

5 Ways To Share The Happiness Of Books With Your Child And Lay The Foundations For Literacy #IfShesHappyImHappy

5 Ways To Share the Happiness of Books

I recently introduced a regular feature #IfShesHappyImHappy and this week I’m talking about sharing the happiness of books with your child.  #IfShesHappyImHappy is all about the cycle of happiness – you being happy, making your child happy and it coming full circle to make you happy again!  You can read it here if you missed it.

5 Ways To Share The Happiness Of Books With Your Child And Lay The Foundations For Literacy #IfShesHappyImHappy

Laying Foundations

I’m passionate about encouraging children to read.  Laying a good foundation in literacy really does have its advantages – increases vocab, increases interaction and increases bonding.  With enjoying books comes the joys of bedtime reading and mini libraries.  You don’t need much to instil a love of reading into your child – just grab a book, and away you go!  These books (see the picture below) hold such a special place in my childhood and the warm, fuzzy feeling I got when our daughter began to read about Silky, Moonface and Saucepan Man in The Magic Faraway Tree was beyond words.

5 Ways To Share The Happiness Of Books With Your Child And Lay The Foundations For Literacy ~ #IfShesHappyImHappy

Encouraging reading

  1. Read the book to your child ~ From an early age, we read to our daughter every single day.  As a newborn, it doesn’t matter if you read them something that’s not a board book or that goes way over their heads; the point here is that reading to them is a bonding experience and increases their vocab, laying vital literacy foundations as they grow.
  2. When your child is old enough to read themselves, give them the books you read (and that were read to you).  We did this when my Mum unearthed some of my childhood favourites (as seen in the picture above).  My copies are well-loved and that just adds to the charm for me.
  3. If you don’t want your own copies to be used, consider borrowing from a library or buy another copy.  But also consider that charm of seeing your child read the very book that you read and that was read to you.
  4. Ask your child what their favourite part or character is.  And then tell them yours.  Our daughter was amazed that I had read the same books that her Grandma had now given her!
  5. Do a ‘Create Make Do’ activity around your child’s favourite book from your stash of ‘oldies’ (or if they haven’t got your stash, choose their favourite from their own collection).  Perhaps a puppet show, thinking of a different ending to a chapter (what could happen in the next chapter now?), a new take on a pivotal point in the story…

The only limit, as they say, is imagination!

 What happy memories have you got of reading to your child(ren) or being read to when you were a child?   What was/is your favourite childhood book?  And your child’s?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere



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  1. Lovely ideas – the books you showed are my childhood favourites too ❤️ I read to my girl constantly- she has a Goodreads account and I probably buy her a new book once a week But I am a teacher so they will always come in handy. #pocolo

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