50 Happy Things 2018: Bloggers Unite to Flood the Internet With Gratitude

50 Happy Things 2018- Bloggers Unite to Flood the Internet With Gratitude wellbeing pin

50 Happy Things 2018: Bloggers Unite to Flood the Internet With Gratitude

As you know, I do love anything connected with gratitude and when a post from Tales from the Motherland popped into my emails, the first words I read were ‘happy’ ‘bloggers’ ‘gratitude’.  Funny the words your eyes pick out first.

It was a no-brainer for me to take part.  After all, I already list my happy things each Friday in my #HighlightsofHappy linky and love the idea of listing 50 things that I’m grateful for in 15 minutes (you can see the instructions below my list).

50 Happy Things 2018- Bloggers Unite to Flood the Internet With Gratitude wellbeing pin

Without further ado, here are 50 things that I’m very happy and grateful for:

  1. My family
  2. My health
  3. Yummy food
  4. Chocolate!
  5. Fresh air
  6. Being able to read
  7. All the seasons for their own reasons
  8. Cuddles with my family (we call them group hugs!)
  9. People being kind to me (for whatever reason)
  10. Candles
  11. Heating
  12. Music
  13. Being able to write
  14. My blog
  15. Space to work
  16. Love
  17. Being free to say what I want
  18. Holiday memories
  19. A chilled out home
  20. Reiki
  21. Learning astrology
  22. A hot shower
  23. Being able to work
  24. Dog walks
  25. Our cat
  26. My husband
  27. Our daughter
  28. Hand cream
  29. Moisturiser
  30. Lip balm
  31. My nose piercing
  32. Short nails that allow me to type quickly
  33. Bluetooth speakers
  34. Jazz
  35. The radio in the morning
  36. Being able to shut off from facebook
  37. Being able to drive
  38. My computer
  39. My healthy daughter
  40. Having a bath
  41. Cheese!
  42. A husband who can cook!
  43. A freezer for convenience
  44. Headphones!
  45. Having a fun-filled life
  46. Living where we do
  47. A husband who understands me
  48. Meditation
  49. the internet
  50. Odd socks!

Instructions from Dawn on how to join in: write your own post and publish it. Copy the link from the post. Then head to Dawn’s post and click on the frog link (further instructions are on Dawn’s blog).

The link-up on Dawn’s post expires January 31st at 11:59pm.


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  1. Carol, I love your list and I’m so glad I extended the deadline, just to see it! We agree on so many, but man I’m jealous that your husband cooks! 😉 And meditation, sigh* I really am going to start. Not sure how I left headphones off my list… see, it’s so rewarding and fun to read all the wonderful lists from fellow bloggers! Thanks so much for joining in, and Happy Nw Year!

    So you know, the link to my blog in your post goes to my FB page, not the post. Here’s that link: https://talesfromthemotherland.me/2018/01/02/50-happy-things-2017-bloggers-unite-to-flood-the-internet-with-gratitude/

    And the frog at the end of your post doesn’t link back to the link up. Your post was properly added (and I’ve added it to my post), but the linkup on your post doesn’t work. If you just tell folks to head over to my blog, they can linkup at the bottom of my post. Thanks so much for sharing, and joining!

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