A Lesson in Fairtrade

Our little girl’s school recently focussed on Fairtrade.

They had an assembly, they had discussions in class and each year group had to do something Fairtrade-related for homework.

Fairtrade farming ethical lesson learning buying sellingThis topic really inspired our little girl (aged 6) and obviously struck a cord!  We’re teaching her about the value of money and now she’s learning about how to shop ethically.


After school one day, she set-to at her desk while having a snack (a Fairtrade banana!).  Afterwards, she showed me her creation – a Fairtrade logo that she was very proud of! (and I of her!)  Then was chatting away to me, telling me all about Fairtrade ~ how the poor farmers sell their bananas, which are packaged up in special boxes and these boxes go to shops.  The food with the Fairtrade logo are the ones that the poor farmers have sold and these are the ones that we should buy to help the poor farmers.  The shops in our town that have the Fairtrade logo on them are Co-op and Spar (other outlets are available…!)


For her homework after school later that week, we went to one of the aforementioned shops (in the interests of diplomacy, I won’t say which… I remembered to take my ‘divi’ card though..!).  While in the shop, we made a quick note of the items you could buy that had the Fairtrade logo on them.  In fact, I was quite surprised at how many products did have the logo on them because, to be honest, I’ve never taken that much notice before.  I have a feeling all that will now change with an eagle-eyed 6 year old looking over my shoulder into the shopping basket! Or giving me stern words in the kitchen while unpacking shopping, if she hasn’t been shopping with me 😉


Has your child been inspired by a topic at school that resulted in a creative moment and a short lesson from them?!  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below 🙂 


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14 comments to “A Lesson in Fairtrade”
  1. Not a parent so can’t really say but I never notice those symbols or should I admit – I never look for them! This is very interesting though.

  2. Never too early to start teaching them valuable lessons especially money and all. Thanks for sharing your blog post on #ShareWithMe and your continual support. Have a lovely rest of the week.

  3. My girls have been inspired this term by the topics of rainforests and climate change at school, which were taught in a very cross-curricular way – they even opened a rainforest ‘museum’ in school and wrote to the Prime Minister about climate change. I think it was the way that it was taught (or rather facilitated) which provided such inspiration, and the bringing it to life. I hope they continue to learn like that although with the SATS looming I’m not expecting it. It also shows how such young children can be engaged with ‘big’ issues, and makes me wonder what we do between now and adulthood to cause such apathy among young adults. #sharethejoy

    • Very good point Alice, about the apathy. I think that society just gets its claws into them… that and their childhood innocence begins to wane. Great that they enjoyed learning about the rainforest so much. That museum sounds like great fun in their school. And yes, it is a shame they can’t think outside the box more often in school.

  4. Very well done to her. It’s great how kids take these lessons on board and ending up teaching their parents a thing or two! I remember my kids teaching me about recycling and water consumption when they were younger – and my son telling me off for putting dental floss down the toilet!

  5. This is fab! I love that schools teach children important topics like this. Your little girl was clearly captured by it. I do think that learning the value of money is one of the most important lessons we can ever teacher children. Well done! Thanks for linking up with #loudnproud today 🙂

  6. My eldest was studied this at school this term too and it was a real eye-opener for me when she wanted to look through our cupboards to see which things were Fairtrade and which weren’t. Love it when school lessons come home like this! Thanks for sharing at #sharethejoy x

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