A Spectacle ~ #FlashFiction

‘A Spectacle’ ~ Flash Fiction



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He wasn’t sure what had brought him here.  In truth, he didn’t know where he was but looking at the window, he guessed it was an old converted church.

He hadn’t been to church for years.

Perhaps this was his calling?

Then, a distraction.

He could see a reflection in his glasses; they were lights that moved as he did and followed his every move.

Yet when he took his glasses off to see the source, the light was nowhere to be seen.

Was it a trick of the light or a trick of his mind?

A trick that resulted in him seeing things from a different point of view?

Ironic that taking his glasses off helped him to see more clearly.

He felt sure that he had lost his religion, as he moved to ascend the stairs.


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with Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers prompt

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  1. You have left me wanting to know so much more! How did he get there? Why did he lose his religion? What are those lights?
    Great piece of writing filled with intrigue and mystery but with a really clear strong message about perspective and moving forward! #ThePrompt

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