A Spectator’s View pt 2~ Short story #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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Liar”, thought George, “I bet you couldn’t look me in the eye and say that.”

With a pregnant pause John continued, with his head in his hand, “Perhaps we can arrange a suitable time and place to go through the figures again?” He threw the empty cup in the nearby bin and waited for the reaction.

It’s funny how you can read the truth by watching someone’s body language. Have you ever found that John? I never did like the muck they pass off as tea at train stations either.” George saw the look of amazement on John’s face before he turned and walked further up the platform as the train pulled up.

John saw George weaving in and out of the disembarking passengers and followed but George was too quick in step and in chain of thought. John had to hop onto the next carriage. George had seen John hop on, minus the phone in his hand.

As quick as a flash George hopped off the train and made for the bench on the platform. He rang John as the train chugged off.

George I…”, the salesman stuttered as he saw the name and number displayed on his phone.

Save your breath John. A word of advice. Next time you use body language to sell, take a moment to consider who is watching you. Because you have just walked away from a promotion-worthy contract. Bad luck!”

With that, George put his mobile phone in his pocket and sat back on the bench, opened his newspaper and resigned himself to waiting for the next train. He often people-watched at train stations but this morning his spectator’s view had certainly been worth while.


Whilst at college, back in the day, I compiled a ‘writing portfolio’ of which I was very proud.  And I still am, which is why I’m now sharing this story on my blog for my blog linky #WonderfulWorldofWriting.  Join in and link up with any genre of writing…

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