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After taking part in the April AtoZChallenge, I feel the need for some relaxation and then some zing… so welcome to another #TheZenZing!  Here I share how you can put the energy back into your life! The last time we looked at our breathing and how we can breathe effectively by using the natural breath.  How did you get on with it?  Did you feel the benefits?  Let me know by tweeting @AllSortsHere.

This month is all about breathing with ‘mindfulness’ (also known to many as meditation).  Some believe that you shouldn’t empty your mind while meditating.  I beg to differ.

That’s the beauty of mediation though – you do what works best for you and what you feel most comfortable with.

What works for me is mentally taking any thought (or thoughts) that pop into my mind and putting them into an imaginary basket next to me.  Next I ensure I’m sitting up comfortably straight, quieten my mind again and start again.  First, I focus on my breathing and then, as any thoughts pop into my mind (because they always do), I get my ‘basket’ and pop them in there.

And so the positive cycle of relaxing, focussing on breathing and being mindful starts again.  Can you see how it’s a practice?  Make it a habit to meditate and I’m sure you’ll reap the benefits.

Meditating can clear your mind, de-stress you and ultimately make you feel more alert and energetic.  That’s what #TheZenZing is all about!

Next month we will look at using crystals during meditation and I will be introducing my virtual friend Chrissy Faery, Certified Crystal Healer.

It’s #TheZenZing…

Though not a qualified holistic therapist, I practice meditation and mindfulness, along with breathing techniques and find this works for me.

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So get involved!  Spread #TheZenZing positive vibe 🙂


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4 comments to “And relax …mindfulness with #TheZenZing”
  1. I love the idea of putting your thoughts in an imaginary basket while meditating – it’s a good way to visualise putting them to one side while you focus on breathing and relaxation. I used to listen to hypnotherapy CDs to relax and focusing on breathing and just letting my thoughts pass through my mind without settling was a great way to unwind.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful! Yes, I do like the imaginary basket that you put your thoughts into. I find practising mindfulness is truly relaxing indeed, though I used to go a little floaty when I started doing it. I look forward to learning about the use of crystas next month. #BrilliantBlogPosts

    • Thanks so much Astrid! I would recommend using a grounding crystal such as smokey quartz for during and after your practice. You can hold one in your hand while doing it. Just make sure you cleanse it first if it hasn’t been ‘done’ for a while or you’ve just got it. I’ll be covering much more about crystals including cleansing and charging in the very near future (starting with meditation and crystals, as I know you’re looking forward to, thanks!)

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