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Hello and welcome to another #TheZenZing!  Here I share how you can put the energy back into your life! Last month we looked at meditating with crystals. How did you get on with it?  Did you feel the benefits?  Let me know by tweeting @AllSortsHere.

This month it’s time for some reiki and tomorrow on this very blog I will be hosting a distance reiki session giveaway…  🙂  

If you’re new to reiki and are curious as to what ‘it’ is, let me enlighten you.  There is energy all around us.  I’m attuned to reiki 1 , have recently been attuned to reiki 2 and feel the benefits every day from treating myself.

Each person’s experience is different and personal (at least from the feedback I’ve received from family and friends).

Reiki is ‘universal life force’.  It’s the universal energy being transported through the ‘giver’ to the ‘receiver’.

It’s the transformation of this energy into ‘chi’ and as the chi flows through the meridian lines, clearing any blockages in its path, it’s the alignment and the balancing of the chakras.

Reiki will go to where it’s needed.  Reiki is awesome and can be healing too.  It can be practiced in person or (at level 2) by distance with the person’s permission.

Reiki love to you…

It’s #TheZenZing…

I am attuned to Reiki level 2 and I practice meditation and mindfulness, along with yoga and find this holistic approach works for me.  I would always advise anyone to seek advice from a doctor or similar medically qualified professional if you have symptoms that are a concern to you.

I invite you to share your blog posts on anything ‘positive, happy and full of zing’  by linking up each month to #TheZenZing linky.  It will be open from 0600 GMT on the 1st of each month for 2 weeks.   I’ll share each post across my social media and in my monthly newsletter. In the following month’s #TheZenZing post, I will share my favourite post from the previous month’s linky.

So get involved!  Spread #TheZenZing positive vibe 🙂


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