Are you a per-en-ni-al Mum?


Per-en-ni-al Mum ~ Lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring.

To me, this mug says it all!  Given the last few nights where I’ve got up to see to our little bear and then got up for the (pre)-school run, then put on the turbo charge on for the emails etc and then housework…then gone to work.  

This week has been particularly busy at work so the notion of going to work to relax definitely isn’t true. 

Back to our little bear. It seems she may be getting herself ready to be dry in the night.

“Muuuuum”, she has hollered at around 3am for the past few nights.  Despite him being a fantastic hands-on Daddy, it’s not worth the effort of kicking hubby to get him up – that’s a story for another day!  So into her room I go.  She needs the loo.  She tries and it turns out she’s already been in her pull-up but no matter.  Back to bed we both go. 

I’m not used to these broken nights’ sleep… I reckon this is the test of just how much of a hardy perennial this working-mum-of-the-species really is… I’m no mug!

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Thank you.

Picture source: MomGoodz at Etsy via Pinterest


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