Review of Owl Hot Water Bottle

Review of Owl Hot Water Bottle Wellbeing

Review of Owl Hot Water Bottle

You know when you just want to get snuggly and cosy?  If your home is anything like mine, you’ll be all snuggly in one room, off you go to bed and you get into your cold bed!  Well, not anymore!  Our old hot water bottle had been well-loved, well-used and become unsafe because the rubber had perished.

Enter stage left, this cute owl hot water bottle from The Hot Water Bottle Shop!  I mean, just look at it, begging to be cuddled and snuggled!

Review of Owl Hot Water Bottle Wellbeing 2

What I love about it

What I particularly love about this cover is that it’s quirky.  It’s not just any old cover you might get from your local chemist or from a hardware store.  It’s inviting, it’s easy to open, easy to slide your water bottle inside and easy to do up again.

This one has a button which might appear fiddly but it’s not.  It not only keeps your hot water bottle ‘hot’ but it keeps is secure too.  Over the years I’ve found that some covers stretch and you wake up stuck to a hot water bottle that’s now tepid and has left an imprint in your thigh!  Not so snuggly!

What about the price?

At £18.99, this is very good value in my opinion.  The cover is well made and has stood the test over several months in my clutches and through the Beast from the East (if you’re reading this in ‘archive mode’, do you remember that storm?!).  You really can’t get a better test than that!

As the product description says, this: uses an ultra-modern, thermoplastic rubberless design which does not only make it easy-to-use and comfortable but eco-sustainable too. This product is made from 80% renewable materials, is PVC free, recyclable and unlike may other hot water bottle odourless.

Review of Owl Hot Water Bottle Wellbeing

Not only is the bottle odourless, but you can freshen up the washable cover too.  Win, win!

You can follow the Hot Water Bottle Shop on twitter, facebook and instagram.

What about you?  Have you snuggled up with your hot water bottle lately?  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere.


*I was gifted this item for the purposes of this review but all views are my own.

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What to do when your own writing bores you

What to do When Your Own Writing Bores You

What to do when your own writing bores you

One of the most painful experiences as a writer, especially one who considers themselves to still be learning, is re-reading your own work.  It’s a necessary task, but it should be done after you’ve had time away from your work.  But here’s a question: what if you read your writing only to find that, above all else, it’s simply boring?  If you find that you’re not as inspired or passionate as you aimed to be, what can you do?

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How to have a wonder-filled family adventure

How to Have a Wonder-filled Family Adventure

How to have a wonder-filled family adventure

What is wonder?  Is it being amazed at something?  Is it being in awe?  Is it experiencing something for the first time?  Is it doing something or going somewhere you’ve been before?

The answer is, surely all of the above?

How to Have a Wonder-filled Family Adventure

To have our wonder-filled family adventure, we chose to visit one of our favourite places.  Why is Ferry Meadows one of our favourite places?


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Diary of a bookworm

Diary Of A Bookworm Reading Relax

Diary of a bookworm


I came across this fun post from Jo Tracey and thought I’d join in.  I absolutely love getting absorbed in a book, sometimes ‘lost’ in a book and I do my utmost to read a bit of my current book every day.  I’ve recently rekindled this habit and I love it!

Diary Of A Bookworm Reading Relax

So here we go:

 Do you have a specific place for reading?

I’ll read anywhere comfortable but on an evening, preferably a weekend, cosied-up with a drink on the sofa, footstool out. 🙂

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

A bookmark our 8 year old made for me.  (I’m not a 2 book person so this works fine.)

Do you eat or drink whilst reading?

Quite often.  Depending on the mood (and book) or season, it’s either herbal tea, hot choc and snacks and/or chocolate!

Music or TV whilst reading?

Rarely the TV because it’s too distracting.  Maybe some light music low in the background.

One book at a time or several?

Definitely one!

Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?

I can read anywhere but tend to vere to people-watching if I’m in a public place which obviously isn’t ideal for hardcore reading!

Read out loud or silently?

Silently.  But I still read to our 8 yo and it’s strangely nice to hear the pronunciation of the words and brings it more to life!

Break the spine or keep it like new?

Break it in, enjoy it, savour it!

Do you write in books?


What books are you reading now?

‘How to Stop Time’ by Matt Haig.  And loving it!

What is your all-time favourite book?

I might’ve known this question was coming up and I can never answer it…  though I’ve just finished ‘The Secret of Nightingale Wood’ which was February’s read in the Bookish Mamas facebook group.  I read it very quickly, which is rare for me and I loved the theme for various reasons.
I also love Pride and Prejudice.

Give up or read on if you don’t enjoy the book?

I’ve been known to give up.  In fact I decided to read, instead of watch, Game of Thrones.  The first one was okay but I gave up on the second one after a break and I couldn’t get into it at all.

Would you lend your books?

How about you?  Are you a book worm?  If you are, why not join in?  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere. Thanks.

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Simple ways to improve your health today

 Simple ways to improve your health today wellbeing main

Simple ways to improve your health today

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, or what your occupation is, your health should always be a top priority.  But most of us are a bit guilty of letting our wellbeing slide from time-to-time.  That being said, read on for some of the simple ways you can give your health a boost today:

Simple Ways To Improve Your Health Today Wellbeing

Say goodbye to at least one item in your life that contains toxic chemicals

You may be shocked by just how many things in your life contain toxic chemicals.  They includes everything from air fresheners to bed sheets.  Get rid of one of these things and replace it with something natural instead.  This is something you should make a habit of doing every few months or so.

Deep breathe for at least five minutes

Throughout the day, you should make sure you take the chance to deep breathe for at least five minutes.  Why?  Well, there have been numerous studies which have shown that deep breathing can help to lower stress hormone levels.  This means that you’ll feel better, get a better night’s sleep, and you’ll be less anxious too.

Drink more water

You probably expected this to be on the list, but the importance of drinking more water should never be ignored.  Your body needs water for almost everything you do.  If you’re dehydrated, this could be the cause of headaches, aches and pains, and a number of other symptoms.

Have one veggie night per week

A lot of people eat far too much meat, red meat especially.  So, why not have a veggie night once a week? Not only is this good for your health, but it will be good for your bank balance too.

Sign up to an online pharmacy

These days, you can easily order your prescriptions and medications over the internet through an online pharmacy.  This can help you to boost your health because it ensures you never have delays with your medication.  If you’re someone who often doesn’t take their recommended course of tablets because you can’t get to the doctors in time for a repeat prescription, then this is definitely a good suggestion for you.  Because your medication will be delivered to your door with the click of a button.

Do something nice for someone every day

You’ll be surprised how good this makes you feel, and how much of a positive impact this has on your health. It’s all about mental wellbeing.

Incorporate some movement into your commute

If you haven’t got an active job, this is especially important.  Sitting at a computer all day can be bad for your health.  One way to combat this is by incorporating some movement into your commute.  If you can walk or bike to work, you should give this a go.  If not, start parking your car further away from your place of work so that you have to walk there and back.  You should also start using the stairs instead of the lift whenever you can.

Start meal planning

You’ll find it much easier to eat healthily if you plan your meals.  At the start of every week, make a plan of what you’re going to cook for tea every night, as well as what you’re going to make for your lunches every day.  Not only will this help you to eat better, but you’ll save money too.  Make sure you include some healthy snacks in your work food.  This will stop you from going to the vending machine whenever you’re bored or you have an energy slump.

Keep a journal

Last but not least, keeping a journal is good for your mental health.  You should write down your thoughts.  It doesn’t need to be a long entry; all it takes is every evening writing down a few happy points from your day.  This will help you to articulate your thoughts so that they don’t wear you down.  After all, it can be hard to sleep if you’ve got lots on your mind.

So there you are: some of the best ways to give your health a boost.  The suggestions that have been provided are really simple and easy, so there’s no excuse not to give yourself a bit of TLC.

What do you do for self-care?  I’d love to know!  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere .



*This is a collaborative post

Rethinking diet and health in the modern day

Rethinking Diet And Health In The Modern Day Wellbeing

Rethinking diet and health in the modern day

So what is healthy?  Well, if you were asked that question you would likely say: to eat appropriately, to exercise and to get check-ups at your local GP.  And you’d be right!  Taking the appropriate steps to live this way is a little more tricky, but completely and totally worth it.

It’s also worth knowing the benefit of developing a keen sense of awareness on new information about health.  Discoveries are being made all the time, and new habits and fitness trends are less of a ‘flavour of the week!’ and more compounding in their evidence.  The prevalence of online information is perfect for this sort of enquiry, as the possibility of researching more and more into the science behind certain ‘fad diets’ allows for a deeper and more wholesome understanding of the marketing behind it.

There have been many health discoveries in the last 10 years.  If you work and have the usual responsibilities that come with life, it can be difficult to try and keep up with them all.  How do you know which will work better and what’s realistic to include in your diet?


Rethinking Diet And Health In The Modern Day Wellbeing
Picture source: Pexels

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Infection-fighting life changes that are really catching on

Infection-Fighting Life Changes That Are Really Catching On

Infection-fighting life changes that are really

catching on

There are all sorts of problems that having an infection can lead to, as well as the fact that the infection itself can be a nuisance and a pain.  If you find that you’re the kind of person who’s prone to infections, it might be worthwhile trying to do something about it.  As it happens, there are plenty of approaches you can take to try and make sure that you don’t get infections quite as often, and it’s worth looking into what those are so that you can approach the situation better in the future.  In this article, we are going to look at some of the lifestyle changes that can really make a big difference when it comes to fighting off those pesky infections.

Infection-Fighting Life Changes That Are Really Catching On

Make Yourself Aware

One of the biggest things you can do is to make yourself more aware of just how easy it is to get infections – and how easy it can be to fight them off.  As long as you know as much as possible about this, you should be able to find it easier to fight off any infections that might appear, and stop them in the first place.  Obviously, this is the best option and is the one that you should aim for as much as possible.  It also helps to be aware of the many consequences of having an infection, so that you can really appreciate the importance of protecting yourself. is just one example of what can happen if you leave an infection alone.


Eat The Good Stuff

One of the biggest factors in how well your body fights infections is what you eat.  If you’re always treating yourself to processed foods and sugary drinks, then you’re not allowing your body to develop quite the same level of response to any infections that you might get.  If you eat plenty of whole foods and drink lots of water instead, you’ll find that your body fights off infections much more easily, more quickly and without too much hassle.  Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and veg, because these will help to make sure your body keeps infections at bay.


Maintain Your Weight

Although some find it hard to maintain a decent weight, it’s important to, if you want to keep infections away as much as you can.  As long as you focus on being a healthy weight, you’ll find that it really does help to boost your immune system.  And that means you’re less likely to develop an infection in the first place, and helps to ensure that any infection you do get will be dealt with much more easily. 


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How to Help a Friend in Need

How to Help a Friend in Need

How to Help a Friend in Need

Have you got a friend going through personal struggles who you want to help?  Even when it comes to the people closest to us, knowing how to give help may not always be obvious.  Here’s some advice for giving the right support:

How to Help a Friend in Need

Image source

Educate yourself

Understanding the problem may mean doing some research.  You don’t want to give them the wrong advice and support and end up making matters worse.  The root of the problem could be anything from grief, to an addiction, to work-related stress, to relationship problems.  Ask them for their input and do your own research online.  By educating yourself, you’ll be better prepared for helping them.  You can even research solutions to the problem together.

Know the boundaries

Knowing the boundaries can be tricky.  Some friends might not want help, but may need it – and while you don’t want to force your help on them, you may need to keep on at them before you get through to them.  In other cases, friends may be too reliant on you to the point that you feel like they’re taking advantage.  In these cases, you might need to distance yourself and try to encourage them to be more independent.

Learn to listen

Not all friends may be looking for advice.  Some people just need someone to talk to, a way to vent their problems.  Make sure you’re taking the time to listen to your friend instead of constantly giving your opinion.  Being too opinionated could stop them trusting you.

Lift some of the burden

If your friend is having to deal with a lot of responsibilities, consider small gestures that might be able to lift some of the burden.  This could include inviting over your friend for a meal so they don’t have to cook, babysitting children for them or helping with housework.  These small gestures will help build trust and make it easier to help them.

Seek outside help

Outside help could be required in many cases.  This might be anything from bereavement counselling to drug rehab, depending on the circumstances.  Try discussing the option of seeking outside support with your friend.  They might be reluctant to see a professional, so you may need to do some persuading.  There are lots of options out there to discuss such as group therapy sessions or individual counselling.

Be a healthy distraction

You might not want to make every meeting with your friend about the issue at hand.  Sometimes being a positive distraction can really make a difference.  This could include going on a day out with them and completely getting away from the issue.  They may then be able to overcome their problems while realising that there is still fun to be had.  


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Getting everything you need from a plant-based diet

Getting Everything You Need from a Plant-Based Diet” WIDTH=

Getting everything you need from a plant-based diet

Nowadays increasing numbers of people are opting to take on an entirely plant-based diet. This is usually called veganism, because it excludes the use of any kind of animal product. This means no more meat, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatine, and animal fat. The most common reason for taking on this lifestyle tends to be for the sake of animals, as millions are exploited, harmed and killed every year for the sake of human consumption. Other reasons include environmental factors (because factory farming creates more methane gas than any other industry and contributes to deforestation) and health reasons (animal products have been linked to various serious health complaints).


One of the main concerns of those considering a vegan lifestyle is whether they will be able to get everything they need from an entirely plant-based diet. In short, the answer is yes, you can get everything you need to thrive on a vegan diet. To help you along, here’s how to source some nutrients and vitamins that are commonly associated with consuming animal products!


Getting Everything You Need from a Plant-Based DietImage source

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Review ~ Kaya Jewellery pendant and necklace

Review ~ pendant and necklace by Kaya Jewellery

The tagline for Kaya Jewellery is ‘meaningful jewellery for baby, child and mum.’  And what could be more meaningful than having a piece of jewellery given to you as a gift and engraved too?

I was fortunate to be given a piece of beautiful jewellery to review and here it is:

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