The benefits of morning yoga… relax with #TheZenZing

#TheZenZing relax yoga breathing revitalise energise morning routine zen

Hello and welcome to another #TheZenZing where this month I’m looking at the benefits of a morning yoga session.

In #TheZenZing I share how you can put the energy back into your life!

{Last month we looked at reiki and there was a giveaway of a distance reiki healing session (look out for another one very soon!) Would you be interested in receiving distance reiki?  Let me know by tweeting @AllSortsHere.}

Back to this month…. I’ve talked before about how I took inspiration from Vicki Psarias over at HonestMum by doing a morning yoga routine.  It’s 1 of 5 great ways to control anxiety and a month or two later and I can definitely feel the benefit…

#TheZenZing relax yoga breathing revitalise energise morning routine zen TnS Accessories mat

Not only is my morning yoga helping me to right the writing but rising 30 minutes earlier is also energising me.  Yes, really!  (Putting my phone alarm on the other side of the room also helps!..)

I grab my comfy, soft TnS yoga mat, roll it out and start my stretches by following this routine.  Accompanied by my conscious breathing, I really do feel the stretches working and next, I plan to ‘stretch’ to getting a yoga block to help with my yoga.

After my short routine, I feel revitalised and slurp on my hot lemon water (which brews while I’m doing my yoga!), in between doing the pack-ups for the day.

That 30 minutes to myself makes me feel organised, revitalised and sets me up for the day 🙂 …before I get the hubby and our little girl up for brekkie!

What do you do to revitalise yourself for the day?  And don’t say have a coffee! 😉

 It’s #TheZenZing…

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