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So on to this month’s…

As a little round-up of my writing in 2016, I’d like to share with you my top posts of poems and flash fiction (according to my stats) and at the end of the little list, I’ll re-publish my personal favourite.  I’d love to know which one’s your favourite too?…

Best of 2016… my writing

‘The Friendship Journey’ ~ an observation of childhood friendships, how they’re made and how they’re (generally!) so simple.  It really doesn’t matter what our daughter’s friends look like, where they come from, what they eat, what colour their hair is.  If they ‘click’, that’s all that matters…


‘Thinking Outside the Box’ ~ a poem which explores our daughter’s ability to re-think a hiccup while building a toy.


‘No one knew when it was going to happen’ ~ as I continue to experiment with flash fiction, this was one of those that just flowed and this was the result.


‘Platform to another World’ ~ another piece of flash fiction where my imagination led the way.


‘How Safe is your Street?’ ~ a collaboration that I really enjoyed writing.


‘Pretty post-its and paper’ ~ this poem was inspired by … well the title speaks for itself!


‘Visiting Hours’ ~ a powerful poem on a personal level, which makes it my second personal fave!

But my favourite is ‘The Friendship Journey’.  If you’ve read this one before, I make no apologies but invite you to settle in for a couple of minutes and enjoy it again 🙂

The Friendship Journey

Moving house with a child is no easy thing to do,

A new bedroom, new school and new friends too,

A time of stress, anxiety, a logistical nightmare,

Emotions are tender, how will they fare?


You get it all sorted, a school place is yours,

A settling in session, opening of new doors;

Metaphorically, literally, it’s a critical time,

Reassured by people, “she’ll be just fine…”


It’s exciting, it’s scary for her and for us,

We try to hide our unease with a ‘positive’ fuss,

Goodbyes are said to old school friends, her mates,

A new chapter is coming, new friendships await…


Then new names come up in our daily chat,

“So and so said this, so and so said that,

Soon can they come after school and for tea?

They can play with my toys, they can colour with me.”


Of course the answer is, “yes, yes and yes!”

As long as she’s happy I can cope with the mess!

It’s lovely to see, a relief beyond doubt,

To see our girl happy, see new friendships carved out.


What’s more, it’s so nice she doesn’t care one bit

If her friend’s from Eastern Europe or if they’re a Brit!

All she wants is to play, to share jokes, to have fun,

As far as she sees it, they’re like her, we’re all ‘one’…


By Carol Cameleon 2016

The story behind the poem: As our little girl is cementing new friendships after a house move and subsequent new school, it’s intriguing and refreshing that background really doesn’t matter, as long as she ‘clicks’ with them…


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Thanks 🙂


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  1. Love The friendship journey..It made me remember me, as I was also a little girl who moved to another town and had to find new friends, get used to new school, new environment. And it was quite easy for me, as I think for most children is, as long as parents don’t make to much of a fuss around it and are understanding and not worry too much;). You’ve handled it great and your girl is amazing! #Prose4T

  2. What a gorgeous poem Carol. I love the way it flows and there is such love and warmth in there for your daughter. I hope you guys are all settled, it is such a stressful time but we tend to worry about our children the most. xx #prose4T

  3. What a lovely poem, it’s got such a nice flow to it. Also I’m pleased your daughter is settling in well, it’s nice to hear.

    Also I would love to link up with you however I’m not sure my pieces are under 500 words! #prose4t

  4. I have loved reading all of your writing this year – and I particularly like the one you have chosen to share again. I look forward to reading more from you in 2017. Thank you so much for linking to Prose for Thought. Today’s link is now live and is open until next Thursday 22nd December x

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