I should like to be a bird ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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I should like to be a bird – poem


I should like to be a bird,

Flying high up in the sky,

Soaring here, dipping there,

Watching the world go by…


The freedom of flight,

From a pair of wings,

I could go where I liked

And see lots of things…


Would I have a ‘flock’

Or be an independent bird?

I’m not sure how it works,

It all sounds quite absurd!…


Perhaps for just one day then

I’d like to be a bird,

Maybe a little Jenny Wren

Then I’ll come back down to earth!


By Carol Cameleon for #WonderfulWorldofWriting

6 comments to “I should like to be a bird ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting”
  1. I’d love to be a bird! I think there’s a type of freedom that birds have (or perhaps I just imagine they have) that is appealing to writers. Perhaps because there’s something about flying that’s symbollic of dreams and aspirations. So your poem could be about writing really – the dreams and then the coming down to earth and actually trying to get things published. Were you thinking of that when you were writing it or is that just me? xxx

    • Well Maddy I would love to say that ‘yes, that’s what I was thinking’ but actually I was daydreaming looking at a tree against lovely blue sky… But I think that’s a perfect analogy and I wish I could take credit for transposing those thoughts into the words I wrote!…

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