The Bonfire Night Party Alibi

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The haze of bonfire night smoke lingered long after the final sparkler had died out and gone cold on the ground.  The smell of the smoke lingered longer.  Anyone wanting an alibi that night could comfortably say they had been to the bonfire party. All they had to do was show their face and claim they had been there all night.  No one would be any the wiser amid the crowd of faces milling about.
Or would they?
The murderer was something of a rookie.  They had wanted a quick death; the less blood and gore the better.  Even better if there were no blood-curdling screams.  Although the fireworks would drown that out, they would have to time it well.  In light of that, a ‘clean’ method had been chosen.   The glass of mulled wine that had been laced with poison had been thoroughly enj

oyed by the clueless victim.  And it hadn’t taken long to work either.  Our murderer hadn’t reckoned on it being sofast-working.

Now all that remained was for the murderer to dispose of the victim on the burning bonfire.  The embers would be glowing long into the night and the following day.
But would the smoke screen last that long?


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  1. I love how you’ve finished this story with a question and left it hanging. Really enjoyed reading this mini-thriller and especially love your first line about the haze of bonfire smoke lingering long after the last sparkler died out – lovely vivid imagery in that sentence.

  2. You’ve created a real air of mystery here, with a little horror thrown in at the thought of a murder going on while those around are unaware! Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt and apologies for taking so long to comment x

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