Book Review ~ ‘Clever Tykes’ storybooks

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 Book review ~ ‘Clever Tykes’

Clever Tykes storybooks aim to inspire positivity, resourcefulness and enterprising behaviour in their target market of 6-10 year olds.  And let’s cut to the chase because in my opinion, they all do just that.  Back in January 2017 every primary school in the UK was gifted a set of these books which is fantastic and means that Clever Tykes books have the potential to empower a lot of our children… the future generations in fact.  No mean feat but utterly possible with this little collection!
Book Review ~ 'Clever Tykes' Storybooks

Let me walk you through it

My favourite out of the set of 3 (and our 7 year old’s favourite too!) is Walk-it Willow.
In this charming tale of dog walking (tale pun intended…!), Willow starts a little enterprise but she overbooks her client’s 4 legged friends’ walks!  Yet Willow does the right thing and finds the courage to tell her parents and the dog owner.
So, what is Mr Moore, the owner’s, reaction?

A lesson learned

He’s impressed that she told the truth (being that she lost his dog).  He goes on to make suggestions to Willow about organising her booking more effectively and efficiently and as a result, she uses her resourcefulness and enlists her friend to help.
As a parent of a impressionable 7 year old, I was really pleased to be able to give her these books to read.
Being a fluent readers, she’s more than capable of reading these books alone, which she did.
What I love the most about all of the books is that to adults, the messages are quite obvious but to the target audience, the messages are perhaps less obvious.  Yet, the messages still get very much absorbed and in my opinion, these stores are  therefore as inspirational as they aim to be.

Are they good value?

 These are all very sturdy books and just about the right length to be able to tell the story and get that message across.  The RRP is £7.99 which I think is very good value, given the 3 areas they are covering.
Here you can see Walk-It Willow, Code-It Cody and Change-It Cho
Book Review ~ 'Clever Tykes' storybooks all 3
The Clever Tykes concept was borne out of a desire to introduce young children to the principles of entrepreneurship and enterprise.  Working in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, they’re definitely on the right track.
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*I was sent these book free of charge to review but all opinions are my own (and some are our daughter’s too!).

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