Book Review ~ ‘Outdoor Things to do’ #BoredomBuster

Anti Boredom Book Of Brilliant Outdoors Things To Do Andy Seed Bloomsbury

 Book review ~ ‘Outdoor Things To Do’ book

The most obvious point of The Anti-boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things To Do book is that it encourages children to go outside.
That’s one box ticked.
But what if you haven’t got a particularly big or ‘gardeny’ garden?  You know, the ‘backyard’ type garden that is concrete and doesn’t lend itself to much adventure?  The garden without any grass.  Well, there’s always the local park.  Sometimes though, it’s nice to just hang out at home and potter around isn’t it?
 And for days like that, this book also lends a hand!
How?  Because it’s also got a section on indoors rainy day activities.
Another box ticked!
Anti Boredom Book Of Brilliant Outdoors Things To Do Andy Seed Bloomsbury

Looking for inspiration for those “I’m bored” moments?

This book by Andy Seed and published by Bloomsbury is the antidote!  For younger children, you can choose an activity together.  For older children, you can suggest they choose an activity, which is what we did with our 7 year old.
Seemingly randomly, she wanted to go to the beach.  Great!  It’s not too far away and so off we went.  And while we were there, she had so much gathering together rocks to decorate.  Proper, good old-fashioned, outdoorsy fun.
Guess what?  Another one of those boxes ticked!

Helpful categories make it easy

With a whole host of other things to do, categorised into sections such as ‘activity challenges’ (for all levels of engagement and ages), and ‘games to play’.  I wonder what she’ll decide to do next.
Whatever it is, I’m pretty confident in saying that the book will play a prominent part in weekends and school holidays.
It’s a great little companion for #BoredomBuster moments!  At £5.99 RRP it’s excellent value for money too.  Set out in a fun way that catches your eye, it would definitely be money well spent.  Yes, you can trawl the internet and pinterest for ideas but often it’s just easier to flick through an actual book!
Don’t forget you can visit author Andy Seed’s website and follow him on Twitter.
And you can visit Bloomsbury publishing too and follow on Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.


*I was sent this book free of charge to review but all opinions are my own (helped along by our daughter!).



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