Building castles with imaginative play

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Like any child, Our Little Bear loves play.  She learns from it, she makes sense of the real world with it, she thrives from it.

And I love her in her own little world – imaginative play, unstructured play, free play – call it what you like.  When she’s in her own little world, with just a few props, her imagination and no interruptions… you can really see her personality come out and her imagination develop.

For me, this is what childhood is all about.  Just leaving them to it.  With minimal fuss or guidance from the adult world 🙂

And this is what she came up with on this occasion.  A ‘few’ building blocks later and one of her favourite dolls… she’s made a castle in the sky for her princess!



What do you love about ‘free play’?  What’s your little one’s favourite unstructured time?


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6 comments to “Building castles with imaginative play”
  1. Aw, I look forward to this stage! My little man is doing lots but can’t quite tell me exactly what it is he’s doing yet but I bet it’s pretty imaginative! #sharethejoy

  2. Huge fan of free play here Carol and using lots of imagination! Especially building toys where you can make open-ended play and there’s no ‘right’ way to do it.

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