Costa Rica ~ the best ways to relax body and mind

Costa Rica the Best Ways to Relax Body and Mind Waterfalls Wellbeing Holiday Unwind

Costa Rica ~ the best ways to relax body and mind

When you’re looking to book your next well-deserved holiday, you should consider Costa Rica!


Because you can do as little or as much as you like…

sounds good to me!

Costa Rica the Best Ways to Relax Body and Mind Waterfalls Wellbeing Holiday Unwind

Not just rich in wealth…

Costa Rica means ‘the rich coast’ but it’s not just rich in wealth, it’s also rich in ways to invigorate your body and mind.  Being just 75 miles across at its narrowest point and separated by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, this country packs in so much for tourists.  But it depends on how much you want to do because Costa Rica luxury vacations are the ultimate way to unwind, to relax, to do as little as possible and let’s face it, we could all do with some of that.  With so much on offer, from hot springs to kayaking, it can be hard to choose what to do.  If, like me, you prefer to slow down on holiday, you may opt for less active choices.

So how would you like to unwind?

Maybe you could take in some rainforest waterfalls and be amazed at the natural beauty with the chance to invigorate your body and mind with the lush greenery while washing away your mental baggage.  It’s a wonderful way to cleanse your body and mind.

Costa Rica the Best Ways to Relax body and Mind Waterfalls Wellbeing Holiday Unwind

Take La Fortuna Waterfall (Fortuna being Spanish for ‘fortune’).  It’s fed by the Tenario River which flows from the dormant Chato volcano and falls 70 metres to a tropical pond.  Surround by the Arenal mountain range, I can almost feel the mist from the waterfall in the air.  Like something out of a film and a blissfully tropical way to literally wipe away the drudge of your real life!


Rejuvenate and heighten your senses

For a rejuvenating experience on a different level, you can experience cloud forests by following the trail of hanging bridges.  These amazing places are a truly incredible way to heighten your senses.  They can help to clear your mind as you focus on the walk ahead while taking in the sounds and smells around you.

Costa Rica the best ways to relax body and mind cloud forest wellbeing holiday unwind

La Paz Waterfall Gardens is a wild life preserve, away from the hustle bustle of any city (outside San Jose in fact).  Here you will find 5 waterfalls, the aforementioned wildlife preserve and a nature walk rolled into one amazing place.  And it’s open all year round too so very accessible, whatever your restrictions on holiday times may be.


Stretch and breathe in that prana

Costa Rica is also known for the yoga retreats on offer.  Can there be a better place to slow down, pause and re-align?  The Anamaya yoga retreat is one of the best-known in Costa Rica. It boasts an infinity pool with a coastal view… I’m there!  It’s quite appropriate that Anamaya is Sanskrit for ‘good health’.  Wherever you do your yoga, is there are better way to do it than by taking in a sunset while you’re working your way through your poses?

Costa Rica the best ways to relax body and mind sunset beach wellbeing holiday unwind sunset yoga retreat

Points to note

If you’re considering the cloud forests, it’s worth considering that August to October sees the highest level of rainfall.  In these already misty, drizzly places, the rain may dampen your spirits.  Although you should be able to overlook this by taking in the sheer beauty of your surroundings.


Do remember that the dirt roads can be a sight to behold when you’re venturing up mountains in Costa Rice.  The views you will see on your way and at the end of your journey though are a truly incredible sight to behold for all the right reasons!


How about you?  Have you been to Costa Rica?  How did you unwind?  If you haven’t been before, how would you unwind?

I’d love to know!  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere.


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