Creating with a mosaic jewellery making kit ~ #BoredomBuster

Show a little girl a jewellery-making kit and I’ll bet they’ll happily ‘make’ for hours.  (and little boys too, come to that!)  Our daughter loves making and using her imagination, like when she made pencil toppers and a Hello Kitty picture.  She gets absorbed into craft activities and it’s lovely to see.
Predictably, that’s what happened with this mosaic jewellery-making kit that our little girl was given as a present.
She was making her own mosaic patterns for ages.
First, she started off copying the patterns from the box, then her creative side kicked in!
It’s a great little kit, as long as you organise yourself by:
  • preparing the mixture and allowing a good 2 days for it to set within the jewellery mould.  (although atmosphere and environment have a lot to do with this!)
  • preparing yourself to break off what seems like millions of tiny little mosaic squares from the frames.  It’s not millions at all I’m sure, but just be prepared because it feels like it!
Once you’ve got the prep out of the way, you can kick back and watch your little one creating to their heart’s content!  You really can, because (depending on their age), minimal supervision is required, just appropriate encouraging comments through out the  process!  Which, of course, I gave without hesitation!
And here’s the (rather blurry) mosaic creation that she was very proud of… 🙂


Have you ever made jewellery or something similar to this?  I’d love to hear!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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4 comments to “Creating with a mosaic jewellery making kit ~ #BoredomBuster”
  1. Ooooh what a fab idea! I think in about a year or so this would be right up my little girl’s street. Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub x

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