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As I delve deeper into my Crystal Healing Practitioner’s Course, I become more intrigued with crystal layouts (or grids, as they are also known).
To that end, I have scoured my The Essential Crystal Handbook to learn more about the benefits of each crystal featured, noted which ones I feel will benefit me and decided which crystals I need, along with the quantities, in order to use the healing layouts effectively.
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I already own a small collection of crystals which I use on a daily basis.  My next step is to expand my collection to enable me to use the following crystal layouts:
  • To encourage new ideas ~ place fluorite below the sacral chakra and on the throat chakra
  • To aid inventive solutions to problems ~ hold meteorite (not strictly a ‘layout’ but a healing use of a crystal nonetheless!)
  • To be uplifted ~ place: Citrine at the root chakra and solar plexus; aventurine at heart chakra; blue lace agate at throat chakra; danburite at brow (third eye chakra)
  • For detoxing ~ place calcopyrite at the brow for new ideas; place calcopyrite at solar plexus to increase enjoyment of life
  • To help stop recurring worries ~ place kyanite at the brow and on each wrist pulse (or next to hands); smoky quartz at the feet
  • To encourage restfulness ~ sleep with blue lace agate near to your bed
  • To aid peace and contentment ~ place a blue stone at your throat chakra; larimar at heart chakra and 2 clear quartz either side (with points facing out); citrine at solar plexus; smoky quartz between legs
  • To help achieve your goals ~ place epidote at the centre of your forehead and in each hand
  • To release negativity ~ place 7 tumbled labradorite… around your body to include around your head, by each foot, each side of your body; fluorite at the base of your throat
I’m very much looking forward to using the above layouts with some reiki and I hope to report back in #TheZenZing post in a couple of months (if not before!) 🙂
Do you use crystals?  Have you used crystal grids/layouts?
Which ones have you found to benefit yourself?
I’d love to hear from you by way of comment (below) or tweet me @AllSortsHere
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