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Well my goodness me, I wasn’t expecting to see that Robin Williams had died when I checked my Facebook feed.
Having seen a few tributes to Williams online, they all celebrate the comedian/actor’s life by bringing to the fore his comedy genius, his flexible acting and, of course, they mention his depression.
I say ‘of course’ but I wonder how many people actually knew he was suffering depression?  I certainly didn’t.  Not to say that I followed his life to that extent.
Which brings me onto the crux of this blog post…
Depression.  An evil, often silent illness that I have been unfortunate enough to experience long enough ago to feel ‘safe’ but not so long enough ago to forget it.  I don’t think I’ll ever truly forget it.  As a result of my experience, I have since vowed to surround myself with positive people and live my life for today. I have also learnt to recognise any of the signs of the ‘black cloud’ and swiftly deal with it.  Thankfully, I am too busy these days to ‘wallow’ and give it half a chance of rearing its ugly head again.
One of the themes of my Virtually All Sorts blog and one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place was, I suppose, to celebrate the positivity of my daily life.  It started out as a reason to focus on being positive.  I have tried so very hard to keep each post positive.  So much so that my recent Footnotes and Anecdotes post changed tack slightly to steer away from doom and gloom.
If this blogpost gets one message across, I would hope that it’s this:
Depression and mental illness is often an invisible illness that can affect absolutely anyone.  No one is immune.  Everybody needs help if they’re unfortunate enough to be a statistic of this illness.  If you feel that you may be depressed, first admit it to yourself (and those who support you).  It’s NOT a weakness – on the contrary.  Then get some help.  Whether that be through the Samaritans or similar helpline, or maybe start at your doctor’s.  One word of advice would be to book a double appointment if you can – I cried buckets at my first doctor’s appointment, over-ran and needed to book another double appointment.

I do hope that this blogpost has encouraged you to see depression in a positive light. It doesn’t need to be doom and gloom.  But you do need to seek help.

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