Don’t pick a prickly pear with a paw, when you pick a pear try to use the claw…

…said the bear to her mummy one afternoon…   

Well okay, so our 3 year old is a good talker but maybe that would be too much of a tongue twister for her!  Let’s just say that we’ve had Jungle Book on DVD allll day, bar about half an hour when we went outside.   What’s more, we only made it all the way through twice. 
“Mummy, can we have the elephants/monkeys again please?” 
This wasn’t really a problem because I absolutely LOVE Jungle Book and literally know every single word and every single piece of instrumental music.  She has decided that Mowgli is in fact called ‘Nobbly’.  The American accents do sound a BIT like that in places I suppose… It’s so cute watching her do the scratching movements against the end of the sofa (make-believe tree) in Bare Necessities when Baloo the bear has a good scratch!  At least she didn’t want to stay outside all day in the snow.  Put it this way: I think the (cheap!) DVD player was in danger of over-heating and is now taking a well-earned rest for just over 12 hours!

I’ve got to say that I’m glad she’s at pre-school come Monday morning and the childminder’s in the afternoon!  What a relief!

… may I introduce ‘Snowman’ the very little snowman. Image

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