What do you doodle ? ~ (#WonderfulWorldofWriting)

Do you doodle? #WonderfulWorldofWriting blog

Do you doodle?

Doodles are pretty universal and can be universally pretty.

I’m making my doodles universal by featuring them on my blog.

Doodles are a procrastinator’s best friend, a day dreamer’s comfort blanket…

I love doodling!  I find it’s part of my creative process.  I very often doodle eyes, often in detail with the little nobbly bit drawn in too!  Trees are also a firm favourite, as are spirals and linked squares.  Another thing I do regularly, as I let my ideas wander, is retrace my letters.

I’d love to know what my doodles mean…

What do you doodle?  Take a pic, tweet it, 

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19 comments to “What do you doodle ? ~ (#WonderfulWorldofWriting)”
  1. Love your doodles! I like to pretend I’m creative in this way, but I’m not. I constantly fiddle with things though – paper clips, pens, little bits of paper.
    I bought a book a year ago about doodling and releasing creativity but I think I’m far too self-conscious. X

    • That’s a shame that you’re self-conscious about your doodles. But isn’t it intriguing the things we do (such as playing with items) to get our creative juices flowing while we mull an idea over or try to overcome writer’s block? Thanks so much for linking up Chrissie, great to see you again 🙂

      • It’s fascinating what inspires us. Taking a shower is a known idea creator (precious shower time with the door closed. It’s not so great if you have a toddler asking difficult questions while you try to keep what’s left of your dignity! haha.)
        Thank you for running the linky again. I’d forgotten about the doodling connection. X

  2. Is it bad that I doodle in Church. I just can’t seem to concentrate if I don’t…my mind wanders. I tend to doodle and organic loopy images that looks like paisley that interloop with each other.

  3. I normally doodle faces with big round noses and curly hair. I can do lots of them if I’m on a phone call or listening to someone speak at a meeting. I rarely realise that it’s happening. Do you think that means anything?
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

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