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Frank and Louise couldn’t decide whether to find out the sexes of their babies.  Both were of the opinion that they had waited this long and come this far that it didn’t matter whether they were pink or blue.  But still, Louise did window shopping in abundance.  From the car seats to the cots, everything was discussed incessantly.  But it was this incessant chatter, this incessant planning that riled Frank somewhat.

How could he ever admit this though?  More importantly, how could he get his head around that odd feeling of resentment that he had towards Louise’s growing bump?  He wanted his wife back.  He wanted her to lavish attention on him, not on baby grows and sterilising equipment.

Frank wondered privately what was the point of planning when you had an EDD?  As if to answer his silent question, Louise openly declared that planning was everything.  After all, the Estimated Delivery Date was just an idea, just a scientific tool to measure clinical detail and growth.  Really, the babies would come when they wanted to and it was best to be prepared, Louise declared.

And so Louise’s countdown continued to the weeks until the next scan, as they got closer and closer to meeting their bundles.  Yet Louise’s growing bump was getting perilously close to pushing Frank further and further away…


This story follows on from my previous Friday Fiction offering “Miraculous” and you can read the next installment “The Time for What?” here.  A mini saga seems to have naturally been created around parents-to-be Frank and Louise.  That’s what I love about writing, just going with the flow and seeing where it takes you!  This week’s piece is inspired by the ‘Footnotes’ quote:

“New discoveries in science and mathematics often consist of a synthesis between theories or concepts which have hitherto been regarded as unconnected.”
Dr. Anthony Storr, 1920-2001. British psychiatrist
8 comments to ““The E.D.D.” ~ My Fantastic Friday Fiction Offering…”
  1. It really interesting to see this story developing. I’m especially enjoying how the warning signs in their relationship that we saw in earlier extracts are now becoming more problematic! looking forward to the next part! #fridayfiction

  2. He’s got no chance when the babies are born then, poor love. I know men do feel like this and it is something that never entered my head when I became a mother. I always just assumed that the husband would be fine and able to get on with it. You aren’t in tune to that though when you have a baby to care for.

  3. I like the emotions you’ve picked up on here – a new baby is always celebrated and the pressure on your relationship and how the dynamic changes is often overlooked. I can empathise with both characters here.

  4. My advice to Frank; wait until the babies arrive! You’ll get even less attention from your wife then. A very realistic situation and you can really feel her excitement coming through.

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