Eerie or magical?


To me, this picture has got a slightly eerie undertone. Yet a magical one follows soon after. Would you agree? 

The first thing to strike me is that I might be risking life and limb to get to one of the books. The stairs don’t look very sturdy amongst the back-drop of oh-so-many books…  In actual fact, it looks like one of the moving staircases at Hogwarts might come in handy.  You could float away with one of the books.

That said, it IS a beautiful picture and one that made me go ‘wow’. 

I wonder just how many more ‘sections’ there are in this amazing library?  Is it, indeed, a ‘maze’?  Would it be possible to actually float away from the bookcases physically and dreamlike, while becoming absorbed in one of of the books here?

Picture: Public Library of Cincinnati, 1874. Source: via Pinterest

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