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This time I’m going to introduce Zen Woman!

#TheZenZing enhance enrich empower balance harmony handcrafted jewellery inner smile mediatation zen woman align health wellbeing

 I like to focus on well-being on my blog which is precisely why I’m so happy and grateful that I stumbled upon Kirsty’s venture at Zen Woman.

So, what’s it all about?

Zen Woman was born out of a something of a crisis.

The crisis being that Kirsty found herself on the other side of the world with no job, no money and nowhere to stay.

She searched for her inner strength, turned it around to something positive and  found her inner zen.  You might call it her inner smile!

(Now you can see that we’re on the same wave-length!)

It was then that she began to help family and friends for free.  This soon led her to a desire to pass the benefit of her knowledge and well-being on to others in order for them to benefit too.

Kirsty wanted to pass the ‘zen’ on and did this through Zen Woman.

As she says on her website:

The aim of Zen Woman is to help others connect with practices and tools, ancient and new, which they can easily incorporate into the modern day lifestyles to enhance, empower and create harmony and balance to every day, enabling people to live a more fulfilling, successful and positive life.

What a great philosophy and end-goal to have!


So, this shift in circumstances saw Kirsty create some beautiful products that can be used to maintain that zen.

Your zen…

She has created some zen-like products… some of which can be seen below, and some will be featured in a giveaway very soon, so watch out for that on my blog!  (To make sure you don’t miss it, subscribe under ‘follow my blog’ in the right hand sidebar!)

You can see here 2 pendants, and a hairstick/wand.

#TheZenZing collage zen woman enhance enrich empower balance harmony handcrafted jewellery inner smile mediatation zen woman align health wellbeing

Each crystal has specific healing properties and comes with crystal information card, sage for cleansing and a lovely chiffon bag.

You will also see on her website beautifully hand-crafted earrings. Just stunning!


Kirsty is currently working very hard on creating an online course which, she says,  “will be a meditation roadmap for everyone who would like to practice mediation, from beginners to experienced.  There will be different meditations ~ some yogic, taoist, art, movement, shamanic … The idea behind this course is really to help people experience meditation and find one that works for them.”

So this course is ‘bespoke’ because it will look deeper than the average meditation, helping you to find your zen.


 Thanks for joining me for my little introduction to ZenWoman.

Why not pop over and say hello to Kirsty? 🙂






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    • Hi Geraldine, though I like it a lot quartz is not my favourite. Though admittedly, I haven’t experimented with quartz much. One of my go-to’s is black tourmaline, for transmuting negative energy into positive. 🙂

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