“Excited but scared” ~ My Fantastic Friday Fiction Offering…

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So here’s the thing.  I needed inspiration for my ‘fantastic friday fiction’ offering.  

And here it is:

It was nearing the end of the all important 1st stage.  They were beyond excited to be able to talk about it very soon.  Excited but nervous.  Excited but scared.  Mainly excited though.

They felt it was something they had to do together.  It wasn’t right that some should find out before others, they thought.

Was it silly that they considered this to be one of the most important decisions of their lives?  Well, one way or another, they had waited long enough for this moment.

So, the obvious way to announce it ‘officially’ was to both press ‘enter’ together and post up a pink and blue bib on their facebook statuses.  Then their social media statuses would post the symbol for everyone to see.  After too many miscarriages that were not public knowledge, the couple had announced their delightful news!


Inspired by the quote “Every status has its symbol.” ~ Advertising slogan.

Because social media statuses seem to be where it’s at…

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