Find out why my ‘Word of the Week’ is ‘plugged!’

The Reading Residence
Without a shadow of doubt, my Word of the Week is ‘plugged’.  In more than one sense of the word.
Last weekend I decided to bite the bullet and go self-hosted with my blog.  Exciting? Yes!  Terrifying?  Yes!  Satisfying?  Yes, yes, yes!
As a result of this, I have been installing several plug-ins, clicking everywhere, changing passwords and making sure everything is working technically.  I’m still working on the whole look but these things will come…
I promised myself that I would ‘take the plunge’ and start my blog linky that I’ve had on the backburner for a while.  “Right, no more excuses!” I told myself.  So not only have I been plugging in my plug-ins but I’ve also been plugging my new linky!
Now you see why my word is ‘plugged’ this week!
I won’t take advantage of the lovely Jocelyn at The Reading Residence and her fab linky by doing more plugging directly here in this blog post.  If you look back on my last couple of blog posts and the next one later today, you will find out more about it!


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