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Some friendships come,

Some friendships go,

It’s a part of life,

She’s coming to know.


As she tries so hard to tell me,

As she tries so hard to say,

I make out that her friend was

Not at pre-school again today.


I hold her close to my heart,

I give her a big, firm cuddle,

Stroke her hair, hold back my tears,

Our little bear’s in a muddle.


She thinks her friend’s deserted her,

Not one friend but two,

My instinct tells me that

She thinks I will now too.


I can offer her little reassurance as

Her sobs subside from exhaustion,

I see her tear-stained face

And in her eyes I see her heart broken.


The circles of friendship are a wonderful thing,

The trust, joy, love, loyalty that they bring,

But our little bear is tired and confused

Her little heart has been trampled on and utterly bruised.


By Carol Cameleon

Written when our little bear was at pre-school.  Now at school, her mind is a little more mature but the potential for confusion is certainly still there…

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10 comments to “Friendship ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting”
  1. Aw, it’s so heartbreaking when friendship groups break up when they’re little and they don’t really understand why this friend or that friend isn’t around any more. They bounce back pretty quickly though. Kids make friends much easier than adults – i certainly tend to categorise people (accidentally) then choose who I speak to. My eldest doesn’t care who she speaks to.
    Beautiful poetry, you’ve really captured the moment. xx

    • Thanks Chrissie, lovely words about my poem! You’re so right about children making friends easier than grown-ups. Give them a bit of confidence and/or common ground and they’re away on a giggly round of tig! It’s all a part of life’s rich tapestry, as they say… Doesn’t make it any easier at the time though.

  2. Oh Carol it is heart breaking isn’t it! My 5yo hangs out with three other girls at school and one of them is always getting left out… it’s horrible but unfortunately human nature and worse I think for us female of the species. Hope little bear is ok!

    • Renee, she is okay now thanks. This was actually written just before she finished pre-school and now she’s got a whole new circle of friends at ‘big’ school, with more trials and tribulations coming at us thick and fast soon enough, no doubt. She hasn’t forgotten her pre-school friends though. As I replied to Chrissie, it’s all a part of life’s rich tapestry but it doesn’t make it any easier…!

  3. So well written and I so get this. Reminds me of the time a little friend let our eldest down and didn’t turn up for a play date at the last minute. She’d selected a packet of crisps to give to this little boy and everything and she was very upset. A rite of passage I guess, but a tough one!

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