Getting prepared for ‘Back to School ‘

A few weeks ago I realised that I ought to go through my checklist of things we need to go back to school.

I’d say it’s a pretty ‘uniform’ list (pun intended – sorry!), so feel free to follow this list yourself (although it’s not unisex so please consider that!..)

If I’ve forgotten anything glaringly obvious, please give me a nudge by commenting …thanks!

back to school uniform list prepared parenting


Pinafore dresses/skirts/trousers/polo shirts




P.E. kit

School coloured hair accessories

School bag for holding lunch box

Name tags!

Lunch box

Drink bottle


So please tell, have I missed something?

Now to label everything up!… I may be some time.  Although I have done some already and not a needle and thread in sight😉

We’re raring to go again and our little girl is in Back to School mode, chomping at the bit to get back into it 🙂


Are you prepared?  Have you got anything to add to my list?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere



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7 comments to “Getting prepared for ‘Back to School ‘”
  1. We had a last minute panic on shoes! eek! but hopefully they are on their way. I feel so nervous about my little one returning to school I know on Tuesday I will have butterflies! #sharewithme

  2. Good list! I’m compiling a list (so will add some of these!) in readiness for Mia starting school this time next year! It seems very daunting at the moment so I’m glad I just have her starting Preschool properly instead 🙂


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