Giveaway ~ Buddha bracelet

Buddha Bracelet Giveaway Zen

Giveaway ~ Buddha bracelet

So this giveaway might end on the 13th October but who’s it going to be a lucky number for??
Enter using the rafflecopter below and it could be you…
Buddha Bracelet Giveaway Zen

The giveaway is open to UK entries only and closes at midnight on 13th October 2017.  In which case 13 will be lucky for someone!

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38 comments to “Giveaway ~ Buddha bracelet”
  1. I know that Friday the 13th gets a bad rap, but I like to take ideas like that and turn it around. I go out of my way to do something fun or nice on the 13th, even if it’s just treating myself to a yummy cup of coffee at a cafe instead of homebrew 🙂

  2. I can’t remember a bad day on the 13th but neither have I had any good events on the 13th either. It’s a date that doesn’t normally mean a lot to me… however after writing this, I will remember it now! Hopefully its a lucky day.

  3. i’m not expecting the violin but i am one of the most unluckiest people in the world. Use to be really lucky, but when i met my other half, it just stopped and his family are just as unlucky.

  4. Well I am going with the phrase ‘Think lucky & you will be lucky’
    At the end of the day it’s just a number ,We used to live at a number 13 for years.

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