‘The Glass and the Pearls’ ~ Flash Fiction for #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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The Glass and the Pearls


Penny teased the key out of the glass.  Perhaps it wasn’t the best place to keep a key – any burglar would probably look there first. But still, it seemed like the ‘right’ place to her.

She unlocked her jewellery box and rang her fingers over the sumptuous purple velvet lining, then carefully retrieved her string of pearls like they were a piece of beautiful bone china.

She knew she shouldn’t save wearing her pearls for special occasions but she still did.  And so, the pledge was made right there and then.  She would wear them more often.  No, she would wear them every day.  Every single day.

This was not a special occasion in the traditional sense but she knew she still had to wear her pearls.

The chime of the doorbell pulled her thoughts back to the now.  This was it.  Head up.  Deep, deep breath.  Yes, she looked together.  She looked much, much better than she felt.  She must now answer the door to her friend and hold herself together for the funeral of her dear old work colleague who was also her dear late husband.

Yes, she was a widow now and she would wear these pearls that her late husband had given her every day.  She would put them back in her jewellery box, lock it up and put the key back in the ‘Happy Retirement’ engraved glass every day.  For this was the glass chosen by her dear husband and she would look at the glass daily.  Such bitter-sweet memories of the glass and the pearls.

By Carol Cameleon 2015

First published on this blog a year ago as part of a game where the theme was ‘glass’.  I felt the need to give it another airing 🙂


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