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Going Underground

When you’re down underground you get swept along

In the heat and the draught and the busker’s song


When you’re down underground you’re pushed here and there

You can people watch, you can stop and stare


When you’re down underground you’re jostled about

There’s no room for manners, of that there’s no doubt


When you’re down underground with your earphones in

You’re escaping the bustle, you’re escaping the din


When you’re down underground it’s a lonely place

Surrounded by your species in the ‘rat race’


When you’re down underground there’s a rat or two

Running the lines but they’re more scared of you


When you’re down underground you might panic, not breathe

When the train stops mid-tunnel, you rasp and you wheeze


When you’re down underground in the bowels of the city

Impersonal space, ignorance, what a pity


When you’re down underground in the jaws of the earth

Your space invaded with the smell and the mirth


When you’re down underground you can choose your line

You must mind the gap, you must follow the sign


When you’re down underground don’t forget to pay

The world’s your oyster, you can go your own way


When you’re down underground don’t follow the herd

Go against the flow, be free like a bird


When you’re down underground you can write your own story

Hop on a train and find your own glory


By Carol Cameleon 2015


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16 comments to “Going underground ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting”
  1. After spending last week traversing London I totally identify with this! I always used to be much better at getting into the underground rhythm when I was alone though – it’s not quite the same with a little person in tow… X

  2. As everyone has said, this really sums up the tube! Thankfully I’m rarely in London (yes I know, it’s very uncool of me to admit it but I always feel stressed when I’m there!) so I don’t experience it often! Thanks for linking to #whatImWriting xx

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