Goodbye Sid… Hello ‘Topsy and Tim’!

Oooh I’m VERY excited!!  It looks like I’m going to be re-living some of my childhood memories through CBeebies…  I’ve just read through a friend’s facebook status that Sid Sloane is leaving ‘Beebies which is very sad.  It’s always sad when old faces leave.  As a parent, you try to sit down to watch TV with your little one but there are inevitably times when you can’t and you crack on with cooking tea/sorting washing etc.  However, the times I have sat down to watch all sorts of programmes with our little-big bear, over the past 3 1/2 years, I honestly do feel like the presenters are old friends!  It’s true!  

As I sit and write this, I’m thinking of our bear’s favourite beebies programmes.  The opening bars to ‘Justin’s House’ theme pops into my head (because I haven’t seen every episode over, and over, and over….!!), then there’s ‘Let’s Play’, then ‘Charlie and Lola’.  ’64 Zoo Lane’ is another one, ‘Numberjacks’ and ‘Timmy Time’.  She goes through phases, which is why we generally have one of each show recorded on sky (anything for a quiet life!) but every now and again we forget to free up some memory and one or two of them disappears… :s

So I’m getting distracted.  Why am I so excited?  I’ve just read on the Beebies website that Topsy and Tim is going to be made into a series.  I used to LOVE reading the 7 days box set.  Seriously.  The Builders, The Doctors.  They were and still are a firm favourite.  So while our bear is busy colouring in her corner, I’ll be sitting watching Beebies!!


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