A brief guide to chakras ~ poem

Brief Guide to Chakras Wellbeing Balance

A brief guide to chakras

I recently told you how you can balance your body and mind with crystals.  To illustrate how you can do this, there are many levels of alternative therapies that we can and must look at.  The challenge is to introduce each level as a layer, much like an auric layer!  (more on those at a later date!)

We each have 7 major ‘spinning wheels’ called chakras. They should each be open and spinning in alternate directions. They should also align with each other. If they’re not open and aligned, the energy cannot flow freely. When we have blockages in our energy flow, we become out of balance. This is when our body becomes out of alignment or not at ‘ease’. It is when our body is ‘dis-eased’ that we get ill. It is clear to see then, that if we keep our chakras balanced, we are less likely to experience ‘dis-ease’ or ‘illness’ and stress.

Brief Guide to Chakras Wellbeing Balance

Other than introducing you to my ebook ‘The Domino Effect‘ (for your free copy, opt-in at the bottom of this post), the best way I can think to introduce you to the wonderful world of chakras is in poem form.  Here’s one that I wrote a few years ago and it’s the perfect time to share it again:

Where is the beginning? A poem on chakras

What’s at the beginning?

It all starts at the root,

When we’re not grounded,

Branches can’t develop their shoots.


Our branches need feeding

With healthy, wholesome foods,

If not they imbalance

And affect our moods.


When we work from the bottom

And end up at the top,

We have spinning wheels, or

‘chakras’ which never stop…


Want to feel peaceful and calm?

Meditate daily, don’t be shy,

And your friends they may comment,

Share the love, tell them why…


…Why you’re feeling grounded

And rooted, like a tree to the earth.

Why those positive thoughts and good food

Give a sense of self-worth.


…Why you’re feeling creative

Bursting with thoughts and ideas,

As they ebb and flow like the water,

Eroding your fears.


…Why your ego’s not ‘pumped up’,

You’re calm and ‘together’,

You don’t listen to the bad things,

You don’t need ‘lucky heather’.


…Why your breathing’s steady and easy

While your heart pumps fresh air,

Pure and cleansed through your body,

To keep you alert and ‘all there’.


…Why you’re feeling expressive

And you’re speaking your mind,

Being open and clear,

It’s the best way, you will find.


…Why your sixth sense is open,

It’s your third eye, you see.

Is your perception of reality

With them or with ‘me’?


…Why your crown’s like a flower,

Its stem’s like your spine,

A petal for each chakra

Now you’re upright and ‘aligned’.


Now you’re beginning to see

What your thoughts can do,

Breathe slowly, be mindful

That it all starts with you.

By Carol Cameleon


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  1. I wouldn’t even know where to start with my chakras! I have considered meditation before as I am known for being somewhat feisty and hot-headed, but think age is helping me mellow out. Plus… spending a week with two gorgeous dogs and then coming home to mine has made me realise how nice it is to have some chill time out. I think I need to set up a puppy sitting company 🙂 Sim x

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